Why Is Russia to Blame? The Answer Is Simple: Because It Defeated Nazism

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In the mass of negative information that fell upon us during the celebration of Victory Day, it is possible to discover for oneself a lot of interesting things. Even taking into account the fact that we already knew what the media of the collective west, our and foreign fans of Nazism, and the leaders of the leading Western powers and their allies are like. Why, in fact, is Russia to blame from the point of view of our western critics? If we discard all the unimportant, it turns out that we are to blame because in 1945 the USSR put an end to the most promising western project – it defeated Nazism.

And what could one expect from them? They did not hide their attitude towards Russia before. They simply prepared their provocations for the days of May 9th celebrations and carried them out with increasing cynicism the more clearly they felt the far from obvious popularity of their position among citizens of their own countries.

If they saw that people in Europe and the US don’t care about the victory over Nazism, and Russia and its leaders looked enviously at the rich and democratic West, would they have made so much effort to discredit the role of the USSR in World War II? Those who are older, try to remember – did they stoop to such provocations in the 1990s? They just occasionally pecked, fatherly chided, and pushed in the “right” direction.

Today they throw a tantrum – in Riga, in Tallinn, there are mountains of flowers at monuments to the Soviet soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. Maybe not so many but they were laid also in the Czech Republic, and in Slovakia, and in Bulgaria, and in other countries. And our songs were sang worldwide. And what is the indignation at the position of the White House regarding the victors of Nazism worth – they will now have to deal with the consequences of their stupidity for a long time to come.

And what is remarkable is the lack of a unified position on key issues, as well as in connection with the interpretation of history within the leadership of even one country. In the United States, the President makes a joint statement with our President about the important role of the allies in defeating Nazism. Immediately, the White House issues its vileness on Twitter. Agree that a great power that allows itself to do this looks, to put it mildly, ridiculous. Here, the word “great” is somehow inconvenient to use.

And if you take into account the behaviour of the main puppeteer, what can you expect from his puppets? Local Russophobes and Nazis “distinguished themselves” in Prague – they placed a toilet on the pedestal of the monument to our marshal. An extremely “witty” invention! What have they achieved? Respect for the Czechs from Russians has become even less. They do not need our respect, some of our liberals will say. How to know! It’s so completely obvious to me that for centuries all of them in Europe, about once every 100 years, and even more often, when they drove themselves there, which is the only word in our language that rhymes with “Europe” [Evropa – Zhopa (ass) – ed], they simply begged Russia to help them. And take my word for it, when, following the US, they will come to the next “victory of democracy”, they will crawl into the Kremlin, like cute ones, and will grovel and ask for help. If we take into account the speed with which the west is now degrading with its values, the wait is not so long. So, the mayor of the district of Prague-6 and his accomplices, who demolished the monument dedicated to Marshal Konev, concerning whom we have initiated a criminal case, should think carefully before showing himself in the press with new Russophobic adventures..

Well, and so, I will return to where I began: there are positive points in how our “partners” are trying to confront Russia today – they demonstrate their inability to negotiate with each other. It is their “values” that don’t allow them to do it – the main of which is gaining money at all costs and, as strange as it may seem to you, the complete disregard for human life. Because there, as has always been the case, the main value of a person consists in their ability to be a buyer and a seller. The powerful ones of this world do not need people of another kind.

Therefore, they also cannot accept the victory of the USSR in World War II. They invested so much in Hitler, they sponsored and helped him so much. They laid huge hopes on the Nazi project! And when the monster went out of control, they had to ask for help from their sworn enemy – Russia. Isn’t it a shame?!

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Why Is Russia to Blame? The Answer Is Simple: Because It Defeated Nazism