What is Stalinism- Use of the term Stalinist in the History of USSR

When it comes to the terms Stalinist-Stalinism , we see three different definition and or approach based on two different ideological base.

The first one is the definition and use of the term by the Trotskyite umbrella group that combines all the revisionist, fascist, bourgeois, anti-communists under its propaganda shade. The aim of the umbrella group is to attack socialism, Soviet Russia, and Marxism Leninism thorough Stalin’s personality and policies. For them Stalinism is a deviation, a “totalitarianism” etc.

The second one is made up of those who like to be seen as “objective” and while they claim to be anti-revisionist, they deny the terms Stalinist-Stalinism with a bourgeois liberal , middle-of-the-road approach.Those who never forget to mention «errors of Stalin» without specifying these so-called errors and clarifying if these «errors» were related to the principles or judgements fall into this category. Some do consciously others do due to their ignorance and lack of Soviet History. They claim that the terms “ Stalinist – Stalinism is “fabrication” of western writers and of Trotskyites which first used during mid 1930s (supposedly by an American Journalist)

The third one is the Marxist Leninists who see Stalinist-Stalinism as the inevitable second  (yet already existing) Bolshevik Menshevik split in the Party. They see Stalinism as the application of Leninism to the conditions of Russia for the construction of Socialism while struggling against the hindrance of Mensheviks of all kind in this process.

From the time of Stalin’s election (by the way on Lenin’s motion) as the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU at the 11th Congress of the Party (April 3, 1922) to his death (in March 1953), Stalin at the head, the leadership of Party raised a war-torn, feudal country to an industrialized country within 31 years (let’s not forget the devastation of the war against the Nazis). This success was not a coincidence but the application of Leninist theories to the given situations and questions. These would be summarized as the Policy of the Bolshevik faction of the Party in all spheres of life and questions from the Party, Bureaucracy, constitution, national question, nationality question, international question, Socialist economy, building socialism to the transformation of nature in the country, irrigation question etc. Application of Leninism to all these questions were met with fierce opposition from the Mensheviks- Trotskyites. That’s why Stalinism represents the second war against the revisionists after the revolution. Was this inevitable? Yes.

People have the misconception that all those Mensheviks and Trotskyites have become “Bolsheviks” overnight. People forget the fact that they were invited to party with the minimum requirement – that is to have a “defeatist” stand on the subject of imperialist war. Neither Trotsky who stressed that he cannot call himself as Bolshevik, nor most of the rest who participated in the party were Bolsheviks. The same Bolshevik, Menshevik split kept on being existed.

As a proof to this Lenin In a 1922 article entitled “Reply to Remarks Concerning the Functions of the Deputy Chairmen of the Council of People’s Commisars” was saying;

Some of Trotsky’s remarks are likewise vague and do not require an answer; other remarks made by him renew old disagreements, that we have repeatedly observed in the Political Bureau…

For the ones who are claimed to be “Bolshevik” by the Trotskyites and bourgeois writers, Lenin at the Eleventh Congress Of The R.C.P.(B.) April 1922 was saying;

We are confronted by the entire bourgeois world, which is only seeking a way in which to strangle us. Our Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries are nothing more nor less than the agents of this bourgeoisie. Such is their political status.

Other than the fact that after the revolution Lenin’s comment “Menshevik will always be Menshevik and most of them should be kicked out of Party”, The second (actually extension of) Bolshevism and Menshevism split in the party was so apparent during the discussion of Politburo of the Central Committee «On the internal party situation” all through 1926-1927.
See RGASPI. F. 17. Op. 163 D. 697 (uncorrected transcript); D. D. 699 (annexes to the transcripts of the meetings of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) on October 8 and 11, 1926); D. 700 (printed copy).

After Lenin’s death, Stalin became not only the leader of the Party and the Soviet Union but the acknowledged leader of the international communist movement as well.

This period coins the difference between Stalinism (Bolshevism) and Trotskyism (Menshevism).

Stalinism refers to and is Bolshevism .Thus without defending Stalin, Leninism cannot be defended. Stalinism is Marxism Leninism in proven practice.

Below are the excerpts from the documents that defies the claim that Stalinist-Stalinism was “invented” by the West, and gives a clear idea on the first use (probably started during 1924) of the term and its context.

I tried to keep it short but not too short in order to prevent any likely bourgeois demagogy that may state “only a few”..


From: Transcript of the meetings of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) on the issue of «On the internal party situation.» October 8 and 11, 1926


Chairman. Comrade Molotov has the floor.

Molotov … You cannot, Comrade Smilga, under the pretext of a «buffer», especially at this moment, openly go over to the position of Comrade Trotsky, who sends, wherever possible, his own piece of paper in a similar spirit under the title «Answer to Comrades’ Inquiries about Opposition» and not just «majority» and «minority» in the Central Committee. You cannot, Comrade Smilga, under the pretext of a «buffer», especially at this moment, openly go over to the position of Comrade Trotsky, who sends, wherever possible, his own piece of paper in a similar spirit under the title «Answer to Comrades’ Inquiries about Opposition»50 . This is the title of this piece of paper sent out the other day at the request of the Central Control Commission to all members of the Politburo. It begins with the following words: «The Stalinist faction bases its policy of splitting the party on opposition …» and so on. As you can see, Comrade Trotsky actually turns out that there is no Bolshevik Party, but there is a «Stalinist faction», with which the true faction of Trotsky is fighting to the best of its ability. This position was very clearly expressed in a number of opposition documents. All those present here are well aware of this.

(…)  Yes, this is a fact, contrary to custom, a document without a date. The «Stalinist group», the «Stalinist faction», convinces Comrade Trotsky in «Answer to Inquiries», is destroying the party and is trying to convince someone that he is saving it. This is the content of the «Answers to Inquiries», but in reality only one thing can be seen from these «Answers»: tremendous anger against the Party and against the Central Committee, which is called the «Stalinist faction.» But now, after the experience with the opposition in Moscow and Leningrad, how else can one speak of the «Stalinist faction» and forget about the party?

Yaroslavsky. I know that Comrade Zinoviev will say that this is not true, as he has always denied the factional work of the opposition. ….And we will see that the «opposition» is the apparatus of the notorious Stalinist Central Committee, and the core of the party is us, who unite around us everything truly proletarian, truly revolutionary, and communist.

In the hands of the Stalinist-Tomsk Central Committee, communism degenerates into a kulak community … of workers into the triumph of the new Soviet philistinism

L.D. Trotsky <July 1926> Answering Comrades’ Inquiries about Opposition

The Stalinist faction bases its policy of splitting the party on opposing «Trotskyism» to Leninism and on the assertion that the opposition in 1926 (the Leningraders) switched from the position of Leninism to the position of «Trotskyism». It is perfectly clear to any thinking party member that the purpose of such agitation is to divert attention from the real disagreements caused by the apparent slide of the Stalinist faction from the class line towards the old disagreements, which are either completely eliminated, or have lost their acute significance, or turned out to be imaginary.

RGASPI. F. 17. Op. 163 D. 697 (uncorrected transcript); D. 698 ; D. 699 (annexes to the transcripts of the meetings of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks on October 8 and 11, 1926); D. 700 (printed copy).

From : The The Politburo meeting on September 8, 1927 



People who write that our state «machine is not going where the interests of the workers and peasants require,» people who write that «the Stalinist path leads in fact to a delay in the development of the productive forces, to a decrease in the proportion of elements of socialism, and thereby and to prepare for the victory of the Ustryalov way «27, people who write that «never before have the trade unions and the masses of the workers stood so far from the management of socialist industry as now»; people who put forward such theses that the policy of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) was powerless to prevent: 1) “The exorbitant growth of those forces that want to turn the development of our country on the capitalist path; 2) the weakening of the position of the working class and the poorest peasantry against the growing strength of the kulak, the Nepman and the bureaucrat; 3) the weakening of the general position of the workers’ state in the struggle against world capitalism. deterioration of the international position of the USSR ”, and if these people write all this sincerely, then they must say that the leadership of our party, not only at the moment, not only after they left the governing bodies, but for a very long period, was wrong and that the country is at such a dead end, that there is no return. If we add to this what you say that war is inevitable, that England is preparing a war against the USSR, having a “moral mandate” for the bourgeoisie of several countries, then it turns out that the case is completely lost, and you have no “moral” right after that. to say that the matter is completely fixable, and besides, it is transparently hinting everywhere that the matter is fixable only if you become the party leader.


Kaganovich. The actual question here is who and how will direct the preparations for the party congress. Either the Central Committee or the opposition will lead, taking advantage of its factionalism and relegating the role of the Central Committee in preparing for the congress to naught. The opposition all the time stood on the fact that there is no Central Committee, that there is a Stalinist faction, and therefore they did not recognize it. They do it now. This shows that after their statement on August 8, they did not retreat one iota in their assessment of the Central Committee, they want the preparations for the party congress not to proceed under the leadership of the Central Committee, so that the party does not prepare for the congress in a businesslike manner, so that the party does not solve difficult problems, who stand in front of her. On the other hand, the opposition wants it to be able to attack the Central Committee and the Party even more intensively.

RGASPI. F. 17. Op. 163. D. 704 (uncorrected transcript); D. 705. L. 1-144

From: Ten-day working operational report No. 49 of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR, as of September 25, 1932, September 30, 1932



The investigation of the Stalinist group of the «Niza» case has been completed, and after a report at a special meeting at the Collegium of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR, the case will be sent to the SPO OPTU.

  1. 2. Op. 10.D. 341.L. 111-130. Certified copy

From: Report of the USSR People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs NI Yezhov at a meeting of the NKVD leadership. December 3, 1936

Prior to the reorganization, the general counterintelligence functions of the Special Department left the work of servicing the army completely in the shadows. Therefore, again, it seems to me that an approach is needed here from the point of view of the organizational, from the point of view of the Stalinist formulation about eliminating the backlog of organizational work from political tasks. Here it is necessary to say bluntly that it is necessary to do the work of intelligence in a different way, to really do it. And we didn’t have the strength to do it. The organizational work was organized in such a way that the general counterintelligence work overwhelmed all work in the army. It is therefore no coincidence that we have very few army affairs. We even approached Trotskyist affairs in the army from the civilian side, and not from the military, although there are Trotskyists in the army as well. I think that we have not yet fully investigated the Trotskyist military line. I suppose that there are not only Trotskyists in the army, but every other bastard, since the army is not isolated from the population, is not corked in a jar where no bacteria can penetrate, but, on the contrary, is significantly influenced by the environment, in which there are counter-revolutionary elements. You are well aware of the aspirations of the intelligence services of the imperialist headquarters to create their own agents in our army, organize sabotage, etc.


CA FSB. F. 3-os. Op. 4.D. 6. L. 1-61. Copy.

From: April 25, 1937, Top secret, 


After the approval of the Stalinist Constitution, the activity of the clergy, clergy and sectarians revived in the country, aimed at raising the religious activity of the population, and in the upcoming election campaign they will undoubtedly try to achieve their positions in the Soviets.


Regional State Administration of the SBU. F. 16.Op. 30.D. 87.L. 105-111. Typographical copy

From: P.V. Karamyshev. «On the methods and methods of work of fascist intelligence services and their Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents.» June 1, 1938


The last Trotskyist Z., already mentioned by us above, set as his goal to undermine collective farm livestock farms, for which he reduced the fodder base of these farms, disrupted the fight against epizootics and all other cattle diseases, deliberately delayed the construction of a regional veterinary center, etc.

Further, the Right-Trotskyist wreckers strove with all their might to discredit, distort, and thwart the implementation of the Stalinist rules of agricultural labor on collective farms. artel, which is the granite basis of the cultural and prosperous life of the collective farm peasantry.

Yuzhnaya Pravda, June 1, 1938, no . 117

From the article “Today – all for the elections to the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR! Vote for the ardent patriots of the socialist homeland, for the candidates of the Stalinist bloc of communists and non-party people! Peter Karamyshev «. June 25, 1938


He is a real Bolshevik. Working for 10 years in the organs of the NKVD, Karamyshev showed his loyalty to the party and the people. He ruthlessly crushes the remnants of the sworn enemies of the socialist homeland.

Karamyshev went through a good school of education and training in the NKVD. He accepted with honor the military traditions brought up in the organs of the Cheka – OGPU, by the noblest knight of the revolution Felix Dzerzhinsky, he is being brought up and studied by the Stalinist People’s Commissar Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov.


Yuzhnaya Pravda, June 25, 1938, No. 139 .

From: P.V. Karamyshev. «On the methods and techniques of subversive work of fascist intelligence services and their Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents.» July 10, 1938

However, no matter how subtly the Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents of Polish-German and Japanese fascism were disguised, how deeply they did not conspire with their vile subversive work, no matter how sophisticated they were in the means and methods of espionage, sabotage, and sabotage, they still did not escape the punishing hands of Soviet intelligence. Having cleared of the enemy abomination – all kinds of berries, Balitsky and their accomplices, the Soviet intelligence, headed by the glorious Stalinist People’s Commissar Comrade [arish] II. Yezhov, led by the Stalinist Central Committee of the Party and personally by Comrade Stalin, with the help of the multimillion Soviet people, exposed and destroyed the hornets’ nests of the Trotskyist-Bukharin and bourgeois-nationalist agents of bourgeois intelligence and, fulfilling the will of the people, gave them what they deserved.

Yuzhnaya Pravda, July 10, 1938, No. 151

From: Order of the NKVD of the USSR No. 00559 «On illegal arrests and detentions of citizens.» September 13, 1938

To the heads of the departments of the R [aboche] -k [restyanskaya] militia of the republics, territories and regions, the heads of the city [odes] and district [s] departments of the RKM.

Facts of gross violation of revolutionary legality and Art. 127 of the Stalinist Constitution. Many police officers have a bureaucratic, bureaucratic attitude towards living people, during arrests and detentions they often do not understand the essence of the case, do not pay attention to the documents and testimonies of witnesses certifying the identity of the detainee, as a result of which they allow unjustified arrests, detentions and bringing of citizens.


GDA SB Ukraine, Kiev, f. 9 (orders of the NKVD USSR), ref. 190-sp, arch. 90-90 . Typographic text

From: Party characteristics of S.I. Plestsov, approved by the Bureau of the Stalinist City Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks of the Novosibirsk Region. November 21, 1938

Plessov Sergey Innokentievich, 1906 year of birth, harvest. Irkutsk, East Siberian Territory, comes from the workers, according to the social position, a worker, a member of the CPSU (b) since 1926, has been working in the NKVD since 1928, did not participate in the opposition, he had no hesitation regarding the correctness of the party line.

From July 1938 he was elected a member of the plenum of the Regional Committee of the CPSU (b) of the 1st convocation and from May 1938 he was elected a member of the Bureau of the Stalinist City Committee of the CPSU (b). In 1938 he was awarded the badge of an honorary security officer by the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the USSR.

Comrade Plessov S. I. [,] being the head of the Stalin GO NKVD since April. 1938 [,] tirelessly waged a merciless struggle against the enemies of the people who were operating at the Kuznetsk metallurgical plant, coal mines and collective farms of the region. In practical work in the organs of the NKVD and the Stalinist party organization, comrade. Plestsov showed himself to be self-possessed, staunch, and completely devoted to the party of Lenin-Stalin.

During the period of work comrade. Plestsov in the Stalinist City Department of the NKVD, the largest right-Trotskyist, espionage, and kulak counterrevolutionary nests, carrying out their vile subversive work in the industry and agriculture of the region, were opened and destroyed.


[signature] A. MURZOV.

State Archives of the Novosibirsk Region (GANO), f. P-4, on. 18, d. 9366, l. 10. Original. Typescript

From: History of the C.P.S.U.(B) (Short Course) (1939)


The formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics meant the consolidation of the Soviet power and a great victory for the Leninist-Stalinist policy of the Bolshevik Party on the national question.


In order to complete the work begun by Comrade Stalin’s article in rectifying distortions and mistakes, the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.(B.) decided to strike another blow at them, and on March 5, 1930, published its resolution on «Measures to Combat the Distortions of the Party Line in the Collective-Farm Movement.»

This resolution made a detailed analysis of the mistakes committed, showing that they were the result of a departure from the Leninist-Stalinist line of the Party, the result of a flagrant breach of Party instructions.

The Central Committee pointed out that these «Left» distortions were of direct service to the class enemy.

The Central Committee gave directions that «persons who are unable or unwilling earnestly to combat distortions of the Party line must be removed from their posts and replaced.» (Resolutions of the C.P.S.U.[B.], Part II, p. 663.)

The Central Committee changed the leadership of certain regional and territorial Party organizations (Moscow Region, Transcaucasia) which had committed political mistakes and proved incapable of rectifying them.

From A letter from a former prisoner of war pilot N.N. Bukharova about poor conditions during a state audit. February 28, 1946


to comrade STALIN

Dear Joseph Vissarionovich!


Now the day of voting for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR is approaching, there are no lists, they announced that we will not vote. I am not condemned and out of my mind and I have no opportunity to complain. When I tried it was kicked out with a noise, what is it? They grossly violate the Stalinist Constitution and Soviet democracy. Who gave this right? I attach great importance to this, annoying and insulting and undeservedly.


Comrade Stalin, trust me and take action.

With respect to you

Senior Lieutenant BUKHAROV.

From: Remarks on Economic Questions Connected with the November 1951 Discussion

Concerning the Errors of Comrade L.D. Yaroshenko

Comrade Yaroshenko concludes his letter to the members of the Political Bureau with the proposal that the compilation of the «Political Economy of Socialism» be en-trusted to him. He writes: «On the basis of the definition of the province of die political-economic science of socialism outlined by me at the plenary meeting, in the working panel, and in the present letter, and utilizing the Marxist dialectical method, I could, with the help of two assistants, work out in the space of one year, or a year and a half at most, the theoretical solution of the basic problems of the political economy of social-ism, that is, expound the Marxist, Leninist-Stalinist theory of the political economy of socialism, a theory which would convert this science into an effective weapon of the struggle of the people for communism.»

It must be confessed that modesty is not one of Comrade Yaroshenko’s failings – «even the other way round,» it might be said, borrowing the style of some of our writers.

It has already been pointed out above that Comrade Yaroshenko confuses the political economy of socialism with the economic policy of the directing bodies. That which he considers the province of the political economy of socialism – rational organization of the productive forces, economic planning, formation of social funds, etc. – is the province of the economic policy of the directing bodies, and not of the political economy of socialism.

I say nothing of the fact that the serious blunders committed by Comrade Yaroshenko, and his un-Marxist «opinion» do not incline one to entrust him with such a task.

From: 19th Congress October 5-14, 1952

V.M. Molotov

Introductory speech

Some of the most prominent leaders of our party are not among us today. Died Alexander Sergeevich Shcherbakov, who led the political work in the army during the difficult years of the war and who is especially known to the party as an outstanding leader of the Moscow party organization. There is no Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin among us, whom the whole country knew so well and our party loved so much. Died Andrei Aleksandrovich Zhdanov, one of the talented representatives of the Stalinist leading nucleus of the party. We also remember the names of other deceased friends and comrades, whose life was inextricably linked with the party.


All this explains why in our days the guiding ideological influence of our party on all aspects of the country’s life has increased so much and the love of our people for their party – for the party of Lenin-Stalin – is so great. (Prolonged applause.)

This also explains why today its international authority is so high and the trust and respect of the working people of other countries to our party, to its Stalinist leadership is so great. (Stormy, prolonged applause.)

G.M. Malenkov

Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b)

Report of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) to the XIX Party Congress

The Great Patriotic War and the subsequent years of peaceful development showed once again that the Soviet social system created under the leadership of the party is the best form of organizing society, that the Soviet state system is an example of a multinational state. Many of our enemies and ill-wishers from the bourgeois camp endlessly insisted that the Soviet multinational state was fragile, nurtured hope for a split between the peoples of the USSR, prophesied an inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union. They judged our state by their bourgeois countries, which are characterized by national contradictions and strife. The enemies of socialism are unable to understand that as a result of the Great October Revolution and socialist transformations, all the peoples of our country are linked by strong friendship on the basis of complete equality. (Applause.) Our party, unswervingly pursuing the Leninist-Stalinist national policy, strengthened the Soviet multinational state, developed friendship and mutual cooperation between the peoples of the Soviet Union, supported, ensured, and encouraged the flourishing of the national cultures of the peoples of our country in every possible way, and waged an irreconcilable struggle against all and all kinds of nationalist elements. The Soviet state system, which has withstood the hard trials of the war, has become an example and model for the whole world of true equality and commonwealth of nations, demonstrates the great triumph of Leninist-Stalinist ideas on the national question. (Prolonged applause.) Our Party preserves and will continue to preserve, like the apple of its eye, the unity and friendship of the peoples of the USSR, has strengthened and will continue to strengthen the Soviet multinational state. (Stormy applause.)


The Leninist-Stalinist ideas illuminate the tasks and prospects of the struggle of the masses of the people of all countries against imperialism, for peace, democracy, and socialism with a bright light of revolutionary theory. (Stormy, long-lasting applause).


At the head of the peoples of the Soviet Union is a party tested and hardened in battles, steadily pursuing the Leninist-Stalinist policy. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the world-historic victory of socialism in the USSR was won and the exploitation of man by man was abolished forever. Under the leadership of the Party, the peoples of the Soviet Union are successfully fighting for the realization of the great goal of building communism in our country. (Prolonged applause.)

V.V. Grishin, (Moscow)

Armed with the historical documents of the 19th Party Congress, headed by the Leninist-Stalinist Central Committee, headed by the great Stalin, the Moscow party organization, together with the entire party, will tirelessly fight for the achievement of new victories, for the implementation of the majestic program of communist construction.

N.S. Patolichev, (Belarusian SSR)

Comrades! The rapid revival of the national economy of Belarus after the Patriotic War is a triumph of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy, a convincing example of the correct resolution of the national question, the problem of cooperation between nations in a multinational state.

L.G. Melnikov, (Ukrainian SSR )

The period between the 18th and 19th congresses will go down in the history of our people as the period of the greatest triumph of Leninist-Stalinist ideas, the policy of the Communist Party, which is the lifeblood of the Soviet system.


The sons and daughters of Soviet Ukraine, together with the entire Soviet people at the fronts, in partisan detachments, in the rear, in evacuated factories, forged victory over the enemy, showing courage and boundless loyalty to the party, the socialist Motherland, with honor overcoming all the trials of the Great Patriotic War, the difficulties of construction and restoration of the economy destroyed by the fascist barbarians.

Relying on the brilliant Stalinist teaching on the national question, the Communist Party rallied the socialist nations of our country into a single fraternal family.


The victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, the wise Stalinist foreign policy ensured a fair resolution of questions about the borders of our Soviet state, as Secretary of the Central Committee comrade Malenkov. Now Soviet Ukraine also borders in the west not with hostile states, as it was before, but with friendly countries of people’s democracies, which are building socialism.

The entire Soviet people unanimously approves the wise foreign and domestic policy of our Communist Party. The whole Party and the Soviet people will meet with great unanimity the report of Comrade Malenkov’s Stalinist program for the further struggle of the Communist Party for the triumph of the great cause of Lenin – Stalin.

Allow me to assure the 19th Congress of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), our great leader and teacher, Comrade Stalin, that the party organization of Ukraine, rallying its ranks even more closely around the Leninist-Stalinist Central Committee of the party, resolutely eliminating shortcomings and mistakes in its work, will raise the Ukrainian people to struggle for the further successful implementation of the Stalinist program of building socialism  in our country.

M.D. Bagirov, (Azerbaijan SSR )

Comrades! Our party came to its 19th Congress, as never before, solid and rallied around the Leninist-Stalinist Central Committee, around its leader, Comrade Stalin. The 19th Congress will go down in the history of the Party and the Soviet people as a congress of building communism in our country.

A.Yu. Snechkus, (Lithuanian SSR)

The Lithuanian people became convinced of the great strength of the Stalinist leadership from their own experience. Thanks to the fraternal help of the entire Soviet people, of Comrade Stalin personally, the working people of Lithuania escaped from the yoke of capitalism, put an end to backwardness, darkness, and humiliation forever and embarked on the bright and broad path of building socialism.


Our party came to its 19th Congress united and monolithic, closely rallied around the Leninist-Stalinist Central Committee, around its teacher and leader, Comrade Stalin.

  1. N. Mikhailov, (Moscow)

The Leninist-Stalinist Komsomol strives in everything to justify the title of the faithful assistant and fighting reserve of the Communist Party. Comrade Stalin says: “The Komsomol has always been in the forefront of our fighters. I do not know of cases when he lagged behind the events of our revolutionary life in our country ”.


Soviet, Stalinist youth is burning with the desire to devote all their strength, mind, will to the service of the Motherland, the Communist Party, the cause of communism – the great cause of Lenin and Stalin.

A.M. Puzanov, (Kuibyshev region)

The Kuibyshev Region, which is a part of the immense Soviet Motherland, can serve as one of many examples of what profound transformations have been made in our country according to the brilliant plan of Comrade Stalin, what brilliant prospects the new Stalinist five-year plan opens up for the country.


The team of builders of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric power station, full of determination to fulfill the honorable Stalinist task with honor, is achieving new labor successes every day.


The enormous work of the Party in ideally arming its members, in the communist education of the masses, has yielded fruitful results. In our country a new man has grown up, brought up by Lenin and Stalin, the creator and creator of a new, communist life. The remarkable appearance of this man stands before us from the pages of the draft of the amended Party Charter, in which the political and moral qualities of a member of the Communist Party – the bearer of the world’s most advanced Marxist-Leninist ideology, a tireless innovator, sober in assessing the results of his labor – are defined with Stalinist depth and clarity, irreconcilable to shortcomings, an inspired fighter for the victory of communism.

Ya.E. Kalnberzin, (Latvian SSR)

The working people of Soviet Latvia owe all their victories to the party of Lenin and Stalin, which showed the Latvian people the path to victory and confidently leads them to the shining heights of communism. The successes of the Republic of Latvia in socialist construction are a living and vivid example of the strength of the Leninist-Stalinist friendship of peoples. 


During the years of the post-war Stalinist five-year plan, the structure of industrial production in Soviet Latvia changed dramatically.

I.T. Grishin, (Stalingrad region)  

Large work is being done on afforestation. If before the adoption of the Stalinist plan for transforming nature in the region, forest belts were planted on an area of 22 thousand hectares, but now the plantings have been carried out on an area of 170 thousand hectares. Landings on the state strip Kamyshin – Stalingrad, 250 kilometers long, have been completed ahead of schedule.

Huge, downright fabulous prospects for the development of the national economy are opening up for the southeastern region of the country in connection with the implementation of the majestic Stalinist plan for the transformation of nature. This plan, as we can see, is quickly being implemented.

A.P. Efimova, (Khabarovsk region)

The period between the 18th and 19th Party Congresses and especially the post-war period is characterized by the further development of capital construction in the region. In the last two years alone, the volume of investment in various sectors of the national economy has more than doubled. This clearly testifies to the enormous attention that the party and government are constantly giving to the economic development of the Far East. The workers of the Khabarovsk Territory rightfully consider their land to be a gigantic Stalinist new building.

During the years of the Stalinist five-year plans, especially during the post-war period, the richest raw materials and energy resources were discovered in the region, new deposits of a number of minerals were discovered.

A.I. Mgeladze, (Georgian SSR)

The history of mankind does not know the scale of construction that unfolded in our Soviet country. No capitalist country, including the vaunted America, can have such gigantic structures as our great Stalinist construction sites of communism.


The years that have elapsed since the 18th Party Congress have been years of brilliant victories for the Party’s Leninist-Stalinist national policy. The Leninist-Stalinist friendship of the peoples of the multinational Soviet Union was even more strengthened, cemented.

Long live our Leninist-Stalinist Party Central Committee!

V.M. Andrianov, (Leningrad)

The Kirov Electrosila plant created a generator for this turbine. Many enterprises in Leningrad carry out complex and important orders for the great Stalinist construction projects of communism.


The Leningrad party organization will do everything to arm every communist with the wise Stalinist doctrine, and will mobilize all forces and knowledge to fulfill the Stalinist plan for a gradual transition from socialism to communism, to fulfill the tasks that will be set by the 19th Party Congress.

  1. Shayakhmetov, (Kazakh SSR)

When you take a look at the picture of the great transformations that have turned Kazakhstan into one of the largest republics of our country, all of us are seized by a sense of legitimate pride in our great party and its Central Committee, which raised and mobilized the Kazakh people for such successes in socialist labor. These facts again and again confirm the correctness and vitality of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy of our party.


There is no doubt that the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, one of the militant detachments of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in the struggle to implement the historic decisions of the 19th Party Congress, will rally even more closely around the Leninist-Stalinist Central Committee, around the great leader and teacher, Comrade Stalin. (Applause.)

L.I. Brezhnev, (Moldavian SSR)

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Z.I. Muratov, (Tatar ASSR )

The greatest triumph of the wise Stalinist policy of our party and its Central Committee was the world-historical victory won by the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War over fascist Germany and imperialist Japan, the liberation of the peoples of Europe from fascism and the salvation of mankind from the threat of fascist enslavement.

In his historic speech on February 9, 1946, Comrade Stalin gave a magnificent program of communist construction in our country, of which the fourth Stalinist five-year plan was an integral part. The early implementation of the fourth Stalinist five-year plan made it possible in the shortest possible time to heal the wounds inflicted by the enemy on our country, significantly surpass the pre-war level of development of the national economy, increase the material well-being of the people and further strengthen the military-economic might of the Soviet state.


Only after the victory of the October Revolution, on the basis of the implementation of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy in the Tatar Republic, a culture that was national in form and socialist in content developed tremendously.

L.P. Beria

The national policy of our party is based on a harmonious, scientifically grounded theory of the national question, as part of the Leninist teaching on the proletarian revolution. Lenin and Stalin are the creators of the program and policy of the Communist Party on the national question. Therefore, our national policy is called Leninist-Stalinist. The national policy of our party is warmly approved and unanimously supported by the peoples of the Soviet Union.

As a result of the consistent implementation of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy in our country, the actual inequality in economic and cultural development inherited from tsarism between the peoples of Central Russia that went ahead and the peoples of the outskirts that lagged behind them in the past has been eliminated in our country.

The Communist Party and the Government of the Soviet Union, consistently pursuing the Leninist-Stalinist national policy, along with the high level of development of the entire national economy of the USSR, ensured a more rapid development of the economically backward national republics.


In the Soviet republics, during the Stalinist five-year plans, the metallurgical, oil and chemical industries were re-created, large power plants, factories for the production of agricultural machines, tractors and automobiles, cement plants, large textile and food factories and many other industrial enterprises were built.


As a result of the implementation of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy, the peoples of the Soviet Union carried out a genuine cultural revolution.


The peoples of our country have shown to the whole world what a mighty and indestructible force the Soviet socialist multinational state, based on the Stalinist friendship of peoples, possesses.


Our Party and the entire Soviet people greeted this Stalinist program with the greatest enthusiasm.

V.E. Chernyshev,  (Kaliningrad region)

The working people of the Kaliningrad region, led by the regional party organization, rallying their ranks even more closely around the Central Committee of the party and our dear leader and teacher, Comrade Stalin, will successfully cope with the tasks of economic and cultural development. We will tirelessly, without sparing our forces, fight for the early fulfillment of the fifth Stalinist five-year plan, for the might of our Fatherland to grow stronger, so that our Soviet Motherland flourishes and riches, so that the life of our people will be even happier and happier, confidently walking along the path to communism. We will continue to vigilantly stand guard over the western borders of our Fatherland.

N.V. Kiselev, (Rostov region)

The Soviet people, under the leadership of the party, Comrade Stalin, during the pre-war Stalinist five-year plans, as a result of the successful implementation of the policy of socialist industrialization and collectivization of agriculture, turned our country from a backward into an advanced one, from an agrarian to an industrial one.


In the post-war years, under the leadership of the party, our country, having successfully completed the fourth Stalinist five-year plan, is developing the socialist economy and culture

A.I. Niyazov, (Uzbek SSR )

As a result of the unswerving implementation of the wise Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy, industry, agriculture, and culture of the Soviet republics gained mighty development during the Stalinist five-year plans.


A remarkable achievement of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy is the creation of numerous national cadres capable of successfully solving practical problems of economic and cultural development.

  1. Gafurov, (Tajik SSR)

Under the banner of the party of Lenin-Stalin, the moral and political unity of Soviet society was further strengthened, the Stalinist friendship of the peoples of the Soviet Union developed and strengthened.


As a result of the implementation of the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy, as a result of the growing friendship and mutual assistance of the peoples of the USSR, as a result of the constant concern of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), personally Comrade Stalin for the prosperity of all the peoples of the Soviet Union, large and small, we do not have a single national a republic, an autonomous national region, a national district, wherever the socialist economy and the socialist in content, national in form culture have not developed at a rapid pace.

N.M. Pegov

Comrades! The composition of the delegates shows that the party organizations elected to the 19th Party Congress the best, most active members of our party, those who heroically fought for the freedom and independence of our Motherland during the Great Patriotic War and are selflessly working to implement the great Stalinist program of building the foundation of communism in our country. (Applause.)

N.I. Belyaev, (Altai region )

We live in a happy Stalinist era, in the era of the victorious building of communism. We have had the great happiness to live, fight and win under the direct guidance of the brilliant theoretician, the greatest strategist Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin! (Stormy applause.)


Comrades! The Altai party organization, which has 78 thousand communists in its membership, came to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party as a united, united, and endlessly devoted to the Leninist-Stalinist Central Committee of the party, the great Stalin.

F.M. Prass, (Molotov region)

With heartfelt gratitude to Comrade Stalin, the working people of the Urals call their fertile land the Stalinist Urals.


Comrade Malenkov, in his report, on the basis of brilliant Stalinist ideas, gave us a detailed program of work for the building of communism. We will march in close ranks along the glorious path of communist construction. No forces will deviate us from this path because we are people of the Stalinist era, because our movement is headed by the great Stalin.

A.N. Egorov, (Karelo-Finnish SSR)

Wherever you look at the vastness of our vast Motherland, outstanding great transformations, the mighty growth of Soviet people are visible everywhere and everywhere. The unprecedented scale of peaceful economic construction is embodied in the Stalinist construction projects of communism on the Volga, Dnieper, and Amu Darya.

N.G. Ignatov, (Krasnodar region )

The collective farm peasantry saw in the Stalinist idea of enlarging collective farms the right path to a new flourishing of collective farm life.

A.E. Korneichuk, (Ukrainian SSR )

Let me convey from the depths of the heart of the Ukrainian people ardent love and eternal gratitude to the creator of our invincible strength, whose name is the sacred, indestructible Stalinist friendship of peoples – to the great leader, teacher and friend of the Ukrainian people, Comrade Stalin! (Prolonged applause.)


How the dreams of the greatest writers and figures of past eras fade before the truly great humanism of the fundamental economic law of socialism, discovered by the genius of Comrade Stalin! And ordinary people around the world will call this law the great Stalinist law of life. 

I.R. Razzakov, (Kyrgyz SSR)

Comrade Beria in his bright speech convincingly showed what tremendous successes all our national republics, all our socialist nations have achieved, thanks to the steady implementation of the Leninist-Stalinist national policy of the party, thanks to the inviolable friendship and fraternal commonwealth of all Soviet peoples.


Significant shortcomings were also revealed in the field of ideological work. The party organization of the republic is taking serious measures to drastically improve this work, to strengthen the education of the working people in the spirit of Leninist-Stalinist internationalism, life-giving Soviet patriotism.

A.M. Vasilevsky, (Moscow)

The pre-war Stalinist five-year plans laid the foundation for our victory, strengthened our Soviet social and state system, our Armed Forces and made it possible to win one of the most difficult wars ever experienced by our Motherland.


The Stalinist strategy in the Great Patriotic War was distinguished by wisdom, depth of strategic intentions, remarkable penetration into the plans and plans of the enemy, decisiveness in setting goals and mobilizing all the possibilities for achieving them.


The successful implementation of the fourth Stalinist five-year plan made it possible to equip all branches of the Soviet Army with new modern weapons, which in their qualities significantly exceed the weapons of the Soviet Army during the Great Patriotic War, which radically changed the face of the Army as a whole.

The combat training of the Soviet Army is carried out on the basis of the guiding Stalinist principle – to teach the troops what is required in war.

Boleslav Bierut, (Polish United Workers’ Party)

It is a force that transforms hundreds of millions of people, transforming even previously backward peoples into advanced, socialist peoples. It is a force that forms a new, reborn human society, condemning all oppression and exploitation of man by man, a force whose ultimate goal is the destruction of all tyranny, the establishment of peace and brotherhood between peoples forever. This is a new and incomparable victorious and immortal ideological force of the great Stalinist era. (Applause.)


The new Stalinist five-year plan raises even higher in the working masses of the whole world the consciousness of the righteousness of their cause, faith in its victory.


This document will become for all fighters for communism a model of dedication, fighting efficiency, selfless devotion to a great cause and a great idea, which is proclaimed by the advanced social science – Marxism-Leninism, which the new, Stalinist era has put forward before humanity.

M.Z. Saburov

Chairman of the State Planning Committee of the USSR

Our country has a powerful production apparatus, created during the years of the Stalinist five-year plans, equipped with advanced technology, as well as numerous cadres of skilled workers and engineers and technical workers with rich experience.

In the fourth five-year plan, the implementation of the grandiose Stalinist plan for the transformation of nature in the steppe and forest-steppe regions of the European part of the Union began.

A.B. Aristov, (Chelyabinsk region)

The peoples of our great Motherland by their daily practical deeds increase the power of their Fatherland. There is no Soviet person who would not want to work better and better in order to receive a high – Stalinist assessment of his work.


The strength of the Stalinist Urals lies in its wonderful personnel, in its people, deeply devoted to their Motherland, their native party, their great friend, the creator of the second coal and metallurgical base in the East – Comrade Stalin. (Applause.)

Clement Gottwald, (Communist Party of Czechoslovakia)

We wish great success to the 19th Congress of the glorious Lenin-Stalinist All-Union Communist Party of the Bolsheviks! (Prolonged applause.)

  1. Babaev, (Turkmen SSR)

Before the Great October Socialist Revolution, Turkmenistan was one of the most backward regions of tsarist Russia, had no industry. During the years of Soviet power, thanks to the Leninist-Stalinist nationality policy and the invaluable help of the great Russian people, the Turkmen SSR turned into one of the most advanced Soviet socialist republics with developed large-scale industry and socialist agriculture, equipped with advanced Soviet technology.

D.S. Korotchenko, (Ukrainian SSR )

This historic document reflects the great Stalinist concern of the Communist Party and the Soviet Government for the further strengthening of our beloved Motherland, for the all-round development of the economy and culture of all fraternal republics of the great Soviet Union.

O.N. Bulganin

In the pre-war years, as in the present, the main efforts of our people were directed at peaceful construction. The Soviet Union firmly and consistently pursued a peaceful foreign policy. At the same time, our party has never forgotten about the threat of war, about the intrigues of the imperialists and under the wise Stalinist leadership it prepared the country and the army for active defense. The preparation consisted, first of all, in the creation of such material capabilities that, in the event of war, could ensure the rapid organization of military production and the uninterrupted supply of the army and the population with food, and industry with raw materials. Our party solved this difficult task with the help of the policy of industrialization of the country and collectivization of agriculture during the three pre-war Stalinist five-year plans. It was during these years that the historical transformation took place, as a result of which our formerly agrarian country became an industrial country.


In the draft directives for the fifth five-year plan, as in all previous five-year plans, the Leninist-Stalinist national policy of our party finds its concrete expression, with the aim of strengthening friendship between peoples, further, even greater economic and cultural flourishing of all union republics.

A.I. Mikoyan

In the new Stalinist work on the economic problems of socialism in the USSR, this treasury of ideas, the basic economic law of socialism and the basic economic law of modern capitalism, discovered by Comrade Stalin and clearly formulated, are of particular importance.


As a result of the implementation of the Stalinist policy of lowering prices over the past five years, the general level of prices for consumer goods in the USSR has decreased by 50 percent, that is, by half.

A.F. Zasyadko, (Moscow)

The party pays great attention to the development of the coal industry. The Stalinist five-year plans transformed the coal industry and created conditions for its further rapid development.

D.G. Smirnov, (Gorky region)

During the years of the Stalinist five-year plans, the city of Gorky turned into one of the largest industrial and cultural centers of our country. The government from year to year increases allocations for the development of the city economy, for the further serious expansion of the cultural and social construction of the city. Retail turnover has significantly expanded in the region. Compared to the pre-war level, the sale of butter, meat, sugar, fish products, etc. to the population has increased significantly.

V.A. Malyshev, (Moscow)

The Great Patriotic War demanded a radical restructuring of all industries, especially machine-building plants, and the subordination of their work to the needs of the front. The domestic machine-building industry created during the years of the Stalinist five-year plans, during the war, ensured a complete and uninterrupted supply of all types of weapons and military equipment to the Soviet Army.

  1. Yusupov, (Moscow)

Under capitalism in any country, after such upheavals that our country suffered during the Second World War, irrigated agriculture would have fallen into complete decline. In our country, under the conditions of a socialist state, irrigated agriculture not only has not declined, but is in a state of steady rise. It will receive even greater development in connection with the implementation of the Stalinist plan for irrigation and watering of lands in the USSR.

A.N. Kosygin, (Moscow)

The wise Stalinist policy of the party ensured the powerful development of heavy industry in socialist agriculture in the country, and on this basis – the all-round development of all branches of light industry and a continuous increase in the production of consumer goods.

I.F. Tevosyan, (Moscow)

The directives on the fifth five-year plan, submitted by the Central Committee of the party for consideration by the congress, are fully based on the Stalinist program of building the foundation for  communism, provide for a new powerful rise in the national economy and a further significant increase in the material well-being and cultural level of the people.

Enver Hoxha, (Albanian Labor Party)

The congress of the great party of Lenin and Stalin is a huge historical event not only for the peoples of the Soviet Union, but also for all the peoples of the world. The congress will sum up the results of the brilliant victories, outline the tasks of the new Stalinist five-year plan, which will be a big new step along the path of the gradual transition of the Soviet Union from socialism to communism.

N.S. Khrushchev

Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b)

The successes that our country has achieved were due to the fact that the party tirelessly carried out great organizational work among the masses to implement the brilliant Stalinist plans.

A.N. Poskrebyshev, (Moscow)

Comrade Stalin teaches that the protection of socialist property is one of the main functions of our state. The Soviet law strictly punishes the plunderers of public goods. The Stalinist Constitution says that those who encroach on socialist property are enemies of the people.

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