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Última actualización: 25/07/2020

  • Contra la pandemia del capital ¡Revolución social!
  • El contagio de la revuelta se extiende… ¡Luchas por doquier!

| Français |

  • Contre la pandémie du capital, révolution sociale !
  • La contagion de la révolte s’étend !

| English |

  • Against the pandemic of capital, social revolution!
  • The contagion of revolt spreads… Revolts everywhere!

| Nederlands |

  • Tegen de pandemie van het kapitaal, sociale revolutie!

| Deutsch |

  • Gegen die Pandemie des Kapitals, soziale Revolution!

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Class War 10/2019: “Yellow vests”

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“Here we are / Here we are”

“For the honor of the workers / And for a better world”

CW’s Note: It’s with a very huge delay that we finally post here our second bulletin focused on the struggles known as the “gilets jaunes” movement, bulletin we initially published in… November 2019. This material was ready in English much sooner but meanwhile the Covid-19 pandemic and the lock-down measures imposed by the capitalist State slowed down our activities in process. We are nevertheless sure that the analysis and information contained in this bulletin are still valid and relevant for the further episodes of the class war waged by the revolutionary proletariat against its everlasting enemy, i.e. the bourgeoisie and the capitalist social relations… Have a good reading!

Four Seasons… The “yellow vest” movement has been going through four seasons now…

Although it is not in a position to impose a real, powerful and profound world social revolution (that should irrevocably and definitively sweep away all the foundations of the social relationship dominating and crushing humanity!), this movement is nevertheless managing to keep going and thus to complete the cycle of a year, just like our planet which finishes its circuit around the sun.

Six months ago, we finished the introduction of our previous bulletin, devoted to the same theme and its development, with these words:

Finally, although it might seem provocative, we affirm that all the media hype around the “yellow vest” movement can in no way make us forget this essential thing that there is no such thing as a “yellow vest” movement, that it has never existed and cannot exist. And this is for a simple, fundamental, unavoidable reason: because there is no “yellow vest” class or social project… Here and now, everywhere and always, it is proletariat against bourgeoisie, two social classes with resolutely antagonistic projects… Indeed, there are only two projects facing each other for the future of humanity: on the one hand, the historical process of abolishing capitalist social relations and its State, which are the cause of misery, war, exploitation, alienation, oppression and domination… On the other hand, the forces for the conservation of this nightmare…

Nevertheless, the movement that in itself “cannot exist”, if not as an expression and materialization of the age-old (and therefore always present!) confrontation between the class of those who possess and the class of the dispossessed, manages to last and to impose its presence, to withdraw temporarily like the low tide and then to return in force. Rather than talking about confusion and contradictions in the movement, it seems to us to be more important and more correct to insist once again on the essential determinations of this struggle. These determinations are neither “direct” or “participative democracy” and the “Citizens’ Initiative Referendum” or the “French people”, nor the national flag or the Marseillaise…

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Boletín La Oveja Negra nro.69: Coronavirus y cuestión social (es) (en) (fr) (de)

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Última actualización: 01/08/2020

La Oveja Negra
Año 9 · Número 69 · abril 2020
Boletín de la Biblioteca y Archivo Alberto Ghiraldo · Rosario

| PDF |

CORONAVIRUS Y CUESTIÓN SOCIAL (número especial de 16 páginas)
• ¿El virus es el capitalismo?
• Fe en la ciencia
• La reacción del Estado
• Estado de aislamiento
• Salud pública y fuerza de trabajo
• «Estamos en guerra»
• El coronavirus no causó la crisis económica
• ¡Trabajo, trabajo, trabajo!
• ¿Vuelta a la normalidad?
• Cuadro/ «Aceptémoslo, el estilo de vida que conocíamos no va a volver»
• Cuadro/ No se necesita una conspiración
• Cuadro/ No hay “chetos”, hay clases sociales
• Nuevos títulos: Contagio social. Guerra de clases microbiológica en China (Chuang)
• Temperamento Radio. Especial: Coronavirus y Capitalismo

| English | PDF |

• The virus is capitalism?
• Faith in Science
• The State’s reaction
• State of isolation
• Public health and workforce
• “We are at war”
• Coronavirus did not cause the economic crisis
• Work, work, work!
• A return to normalcy?
• Box/ No need for a conspiracy
• Box/ There are no “posh people”, there are social classes
• Box/ «Let’s face it, the lifestyle we used to know is never going to return»
• New title: Social Contagion. Microbiological class war in China (Chuang)

| Français | PDF |

• Le virus est-il le capitalisme ?
• Foi dans la science
• La réaction de l’État
• État d’isolement
• Santé publique et force de travail
• « Nous sommes en guerre »
• Le coronavirus n’a pas provoqué la crise économique
• Du travail, du travail, du travail !
• Retour à la normale ?
• Encadré/ « Il n’y aura pas de retour à la normale »
• Encadré/ Pas besoin de conspiration
• Encadré/ Il n’y a pas de « snobs », il y a des classes sociales
• Nouveaux titres : Contagion sociale – Guerre de classe microbiologique en Chine (Chuang)

| Deutsch | PDF |

• Ist das Virus Kapitalismus?
• Glaube an die Wissenschaft
• Die Reaktion des Staates
• Keine Notwendigkeit für eine Verschwörung
• Staat der Isolation
• Es gibt keine „Snobs“ (Chetos im Original, A.d.Ü.), es gibt soziale Klassen
• Öffentliche Gesundheit und Arbeitskräfte
• „Wir befinden uns im Krieg“
• Das Coronavirus hat die Wirtschaftskrise nicht verursacht
• Arbeit, Arbeit, Arbeit!
• Zurück zur Normalität?
• (Grauer Kasten)

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[Barbaria] Las pandemias del capital (es) (en) (fr) (el) (de) (pt)

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Última actualización: 09/05/2020

  • Las pandemias del capital
  • Frente a la Sagrada Familia del capital, defendamos nuestra vida a través del antagonismo social
  • Covid-19: homicidio del capital
  • Los títeres del capital

| English |

  • The pandemics of capital
  • Against the Holy Family of capital, we defend our lives by means of social antagonism

| Français |

  • Les pandémies du capital
  • COVID-19 : L’homicide du capital
  • Les marionnettes du capital

| Eλληνικά |

  • Πανδημίες του Κεφαλαίου
  • Οι μαριονέτες του κεφαλαίου

| Deutsch |

  • Die Pandemien des Kapitals
  • Im Angesicht der Heiligen Familie des Kapitals, lasst uns unser Leben durch sozialen Antagonismus verteidigen
  • Covid-19: Mord des Kapitals
  • Die Marionetten des Kapitals

| Português |

  • As pandemias do capital
  • Os fantoches do capital

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Nové! New! Nouveau! Nuevo! Neu!

January 2020

(es) “Desde Bagdad hasta Beirut, debemos continuar. Ni suníes ni chiíes”
(de) „Von Bagdad bis Beirut, wir werden weitermachen. Weder Sunni noch Schia!“
in “From Baghdad to Beirut, we shall continue. No Sunni no Shia…”

(es) Oleada mundial de revueltas y situación revolucionaria (Grupo Barbaria)
(fr) Vague mondiale de révoltes et situation révolutionnaire (Groupe Barbaria)
(en) World wave of revolts and revolutionary situation (Barbaria Group)
(de) Barbaria: Bilanz und Perspektive der gegenwärtigen proletarischen Kämpfe auf der ganzen Welt
in Revuelta internacional contra el capitalismo mundial

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[Tristan Leoni] Irak, de l’émeute à l’impossible réforme (2018-2019) (fr) (en) (es)

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Dernière mise à jour : 26/07/2020

Irak, de l’émeute à l’impossible réforme (2018-2019)

  • Première partie / Rage et incendies 2018
  • Deuxième partie / 2019 Réforme politique ou guerre civile ?

| English |

Iraq, from riot to impossible reform (2018-2019)

  • Part One / Rage and Fire 2018
  • Second part / 2019 Political reform or civil war?

| Español |

Irak, del motín a la reforma imposible (2018-2019)

  • Primera parte: Rabia e incendios 2018

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“From Baghdad to Beirut, we shall continue. No Sunni no Shia…” (ar) (ku) (en) (fr) (de) (es)

| Englishالعربيةکوردی | Français | Deutsch | Español |

We received and publish…

“From Baghdad to Beirut, we shall continue. No Sunni no Shia…”

The Iraqi government is made up of all bourgeois factions in Iraq, and it is accepted by regional forces and the world bourgeoisie, but the proletariat tried to bring it down…

The “Green Zone” in Baghdad is the centre of the world capitalism; the proletariat tried to occupy it and lost a lot of lives for it…

The port of Basra is a global corridor for oil exports and international trade and proletariat blocked it, and tried to control it.

The Iraqi police, security forces, special forces and military forces are forces of global capitalism (with the participation of Shia, Sunni, Christian, Kurdish, and Turkmen bourgeoisie, with a large numbers of regional and international forces, including troops of America and Europe, Turkey, Iran, etc.), but the proletariat attacked them, their centres and detachments in the streets, and as many as 650 proletarians have been killed by them and more than 20 thousand wounded (this is not to mention the number of abducted and imprisoned…).

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