Act IV: We take Paris!

The popular uprising that is shaking up France since November 17th revealed a well-kept secret to millions of people: if the presidents who ruled France were not overthrown earlier, it’s because we believed in their invincibility.

However, since November 17th, we have stopped believing.

On the one hand, we were subjected to the police, violence and contempt.

On the other hand, we have rediscovered ambition, solidarity and courage to fight.

Every day we are more numerous, we the people who want a revolution.

While simultaneously tackling hotspots of economy and political symbols, we were right.

Such a determined and massive movement was never seen since May 1968 and there is no turning back…

A woman died in Marseille, two yellow vests had a hand blown off, and a person is in a coma because of a flash-ball shot.

They gassed our children, our brothers, our sisters, our elders.

Not surprisingly, the Élysée palace pretends to be ignoring the rage that takes to the streets.

For us, it’s no longer just a question of taxes, of purchasing power; it’s about dignity.

It’s clear that the demands are no longer limited to the issue of fuel.

It’s with a whole system that the yellow vests ask for a divorce.

The movement’s successive refusals to be received by the government during the past two weeks have been victories.

Yellow vests cannot be summonsed or manipulated, and that’s what makes us strong.

A majority of yellow vests do not want to be represented.

The exigency of the French revolution “for the people and by the people” takes on its full meaning here.

Let’s take things in hand, where we stand; we have been too much betrayed, let’s no longer delegate.

On Saturday we will be dozens of thousands of yellow vests to sweep over Paris for the fourth time.

Each act is a new stage.

If we are right, we also have to hit hard.

This time, we have to hold the Parisian streets from Saturday to Sunday.

Let’s not go back home.

We will turn places of power into our hotels overnight.

Let’s take the Town Hall, the one of the 8th or 16th arrondissements, never mind.

We have been robbed of all these buildings by incompetent persons.

The revolted of the Paris Commune did it, and they lasted three months!

The yellow vests who will maintain the actions in their province cities will be called to go up to Paris on Saturday evening or Sunday morning for supplies, or to join us if they can.

We will not be satisfied with crumbs.

A genuine insurrection is within our reach.

First of all we must dismiss this government and impose an amnesty for all the yellow vests arrested since November 17th.

After the roundabouts, let’s occupy Paris and let’s storm its palaces!

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