NetShare: file sharing for Amiga

System: Amiga
Language: C
Compiler: vbcc 0.7
Version: 0.2
Date: 08 Aug 2001
Download: lha
State: Stopped
I decided to make this program because there are no file sharing progs for Amiga.
The superb MUI (Magic User Interface) libraries and MUIBuilder made me have a decent GUI in little time, and amarquee.library helps in the network implementation.
I need time anyway, much time, to make something work, and many testing, so the state of this project is stopped for now...
You can see the very old program homepage that was on my amiga server.

I did even manage to retrieve some grabs from it! :-)

about window
The about window.
preferences tab
The preference tab.
search tab
The search tab.
share tab
The share tab.

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