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NetShare is an AMarquee based file sharing system, it requires 68020, OS 3.0, MUI 3.8 and AMarquee.library and current version is 0.2 This is a pre-version that doesn't work yet but it shows you how the application could be.
It's a program that lets the users share what they want on Internet (I take no responsability about the shared file!).
NetShare is written with the help of MUIBuilder (©Eric Totel), MUI (©Stefan Stuntz) and AMarquee.library (©Håkan Parting & Jeremy Friesner).

-> 0.2 (08-Aug-2001) * Second beta release *
The share list works, it's multicolumn and handles correctly the inputs from the ASL requester.
Now multiselection is supported, both in the file requester and in the share list.
The preferences and the share list contents are now saved in ENVARC:NetShare.prefs.
When you enter the pass in the string its contents will be secret.
Some minor improvements and bugfixes.
-> 0.1 (02-Aug-2001) * First release ever made * (Not to be spread on Aminet yet, it's only a pre-version!!!)

o There's no net functionality yet.

To Do:
o Share system based on the AMarquee.library
o Share list virus checking with xvs.library

Mail me for suggestions, comments or if you want to HELP ME.

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