GL O.B.S. : GL Open Benchmark Suite

System: Linux/Win
Language: Python
Libraries: PyGTK, PySQLite
Interpreter: Python 2.4.2
Version: 0.1
Date: 11 Feb 2006
Update: 16 Feb 2006
Download: Sourceforge
State: Alpha
I had the idea of making this program some time after I made a couple of OpenGL demos, Linux lacks a serious 3d benchmarking suite, and this isn't good... :)
Actually GL O.B.S. is made of a PyGTK interface, a database to store test results, some C files containing two functions you can use to parse benchmark option and check its running time, and my demos converted to run flawlessy inside this little "framework".
A common option set and shell output format, together with an information file, is all you need to make a GL O.B.S. benchmark.

Take a look to its site on Sourceforge:

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