I consider programming as my main task.

My passion started very soon, when I was a child, reading the Amiga Basic Manual...
My first real project unfortunately is lost forever, due to a bastard virus (It's name was Saddam) that completely fucked up my floppy disk that contained sources :-(
It was a simple game, a ball had to hit another one, you had to move the ball then hit a key and it went straight toward the target.

By the way, it's definitely a very fascinating job, I discovered the pleasure to create something that works!

Lost in Time

Before actually talking about my project, I have to spend some time about some little things I started working on that now, unfortunately, are lost forever.
All these three projects are on a broken harddisk, the disk itself is ok, but the logic controlling the device doesn't work anymore.
The first project was written in Motorola 68k Assembly, back in 1998, if I remember well, after I came in touch with a very good italian course, studying a bit of it I built a little "demo", it was just my name with some graphic effect on it and a background music module.
Another project, only dreamed, not even planned, was a spaceship game called "Sinalot", only an intro screen was done.
The last one was based on the same idea, making a nice and simple spaceship program, it was called "Furgonet" and was programmed with the AmigaOS 3.x API plus lucyplay.library, it featured an intro screen and even a joysitck controlled spaceship floating around the screen!

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