The Shiny Bash Script

System: Linux
Language: Bash script
Compiler: Interpreted
Version: 0.1
Date: 30 Nov 2002
Download: tar.gz
State: Mantained
My first bash script...I think you can find it very useful!
Shinystat is a free italian counter that I use on my sites. I was already receiving a daily uptime SMS from The big server, but receiving also a daily report from the counter, wow, would have been a great relief!
For I was just studying bash scripting I thought I could have fun programming a script for this task... so here you can download the hard work of a whole day :-)

But, let's look first at program internals, how does it work? Very simple, indeed.
Using wget the program downloads the page from the counter site, then it prints it with lynx, using a command script, so it can lately parse a plain text file, instead of an HTML one.
Parsing this text file with awk is very simple, so we now have a multi line output of the selected informations, the last step is to pipe the output of the script with a little C program (monoline) which just make it a single line, ready to be passed as a message argument of smssend.

All you have to do in order to receive the daily report is to register to a smssend supported provider, then put a line in your crontab that runs smssend with the shiny script output as the message.
For example, this is my crontab entry, a report every day at 12:00 :

0 12 * * * smssend 1rstwap user pass 0 "`./ user | monoline`"

I suggest you to use 1rstwap as the provider, it is international and supports long message without problems.

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