Sonda: a C CGI for implementing polls

System: Linux
Language: C
Compiler: GCC 3.2
Version: 0.11.0
Date: 13 Apr 2003
Download: tar.gz
State: Suspended
My first GPL program, and the first to be written following the Linux distribution standards.

Back in the middle of 2001 a friend of mine had an idea for a new site...
"What about a poll site?! We can then analyze and comment the opinions of people".
I was happy and started working on this site, but what about a method to collect infos?
I immediately think to a CGI written in C, it was faster than studying PHP. :-)
At first the program was developed on a PPC equipped Amiga, compiled with vbcc and tested with HServ, then the transition to GNU/Linux, GCC and Apache.
The rest is history, the program grown, and now is completely independent from the original site, Sondino.

Take a look at sonda's site!

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