We Are the 1%

We present here a text we found on the Italian blog Finimondo (http://www.finimondo.org/) that our group Třídní válka / Class War / Guerre de Classe also translated in Czech. We want to emphasize here the contempt we feel not only for the exploiting capitalist class, but also for all the reformers of this world of misery. This is what emerges from this leaflet and more especially with regard to the critique of the novice politicians who scour and contain the so-called movement of “indignados” and other “Occupy” so that both of them don’t overstep the limits that reformism tries to give to them as a referential framework.

But this being said, we don’t proclaim our belonging neither to any 99%, nor to this 1% that the text of Finimondo puts forward in somewhat provocative way as a class reply to pacifism, legalism, democratic illusions, which are developed and propounded by these movements as powerful limits of their own. The historic class struggle, class war, direct action that the proletariat always carried on, cannot under any circumstances, never, be reduced to this miserable arithmetic. No curve, no statistic, no figure, no percentage will never be able to express neither the suffering of humanity, nor the reply that our class has inflicted on this whole misery, and will inflict much more in the near future. Misery based on wage labour, extraction of surplus value, private property of production means, man’s exploitation by man, production and consumption of commodities we don’t possess but that on the contrary possess us…

What matters for all revolutionaries (whether they claim to be anarchist or communist it is not important at this level of the analysis), it is to grasp all movements of struggle of our class, the proletariat, as the intrinsic contradiction between revolution and counterrevolution, between forces that push to overthrow and destroy the capitalist social relations on one hand (social relations guaranteed by the State with its police, its army, its religion, its politics, its bosses, its unions, its press, its intellectuals…), and forces that assure the preservation of this hell on the other hand.

Of course, none of the social forces subverting this world are rigid or develop in a linear way, and even lesser none of them have a clear revolutionary perspective since the beginning of a struggle movement. Obviously, all struggles of our class is first and foremost a struggle against the existing living and working conditions, the conditions of reproduction, imposed by capital’s necessities and its dictatorship. Therefore it is always fundamentally about a struggle against exploitation. It is also clear that often proletarians start their struggles while only denouncing “abuses” or “excesses” of capitalism, whereas other more radical proletarians put forward the very foundation of capitalism as the fundamental reason of the evils afflicting the humanity…

But it would be dangerous for the development of our struggles aiming at overthrowing this world and eradicating this merchant tumour to dig from these differences an insurmountable gap between different sectors of one and the same universal class carrying the same chains and having only one and the same interest, i.e. to break these chains and to free together the whole of the human race…

This presentation and comments are simultaneously published in three languages: Czech, English and French, not because we have efficient translators but for internationalism’s sake on one hand, and because it’s the result of a common activity of comrades speaking these different languages on the other hand.

(The text “We Are the 1%” can be read in English at the following address: http://www.finimondo.org/node/585).

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