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Several Preliminary Thesis for Development of the Communist Critique of so called Democratic “Revolutions”

In the same way as ten years ago, the Czech bourgeoisie today, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution”, commemorates its victorious struggle for “freedom and democracy”, its triumphant campaign against the proletariat. In the same way as ten years ago, and for that matter in the same way as every year around this time, almost on every step and in every moment we can “indulge” in memories of this exploiters’ triumph over the exploited. The triumph, which is even sweeter because the defeated participated on their own defeat with a kind of naive enthusiasm and many will zealously celebrate their own beating even this year. Continue reading

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Class War Pamphlet “Down with Tyrants and Traitors All!” available in English

First part of recently published Class War pamphlet “Down with Tyrants and Traitors All!” is since now also available also in English. You can download it as PDF on our download page. What is the content of this pamphlet in the concrete we describe below.

This project focused on Czech proletarian movement in the period of revolutionary wave 1917 – 1921 was not designed as a kind of written “history” of the proletariat. Even if an excavation of our class brothers´ and sisters´ experience – an experience for a long time drowned and distorted by deposits of bourgeois ideology (Stalinist, liberal…) – would be by itself an interesting and meritable act, nevertheless as communists we strive to break the ideological separation between theory and practice, between a mere enumeration and description of past class struggles and drawing practical lessons for future struggles. Our aim was, in other words to appropriate all points and levels, which represent a then classist militants´ rupture with capitalism and an affirmation and development of our class´ historical programme.

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Recent Struggles of Our Class

Proletarian struggle, it is not just Greece in December 2008, even if, at least in the Euro-Atlantic space, this rebellion is, by its depth and scope of its conscious as well as unconscious social critique, the furthest reaching expression of our class in the last several decades. Proletarians struggle today as well as yesterday all over the world, because in spite of their local differences they are in the position of an exploited class, and they all share basically same misery of surviving in capitalism. Continue reading

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