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Class War 01/2013: Riots on Swedish suburbs – We are all hooligans, we are the mob! Let’s destroy this capitalist society of misery!

At the time when most citizens, including those that according to the sociological definition belong to the working class, indulged euphoria of this year’s Sweden’s World Ice Hockey Championship victory, first troubles of young (or not so young) proletarians started hidden with a veil of darkness in Husby, a suburb of Stockholm. First rocks thrown, first cars in flames. Continue reading

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We received & publish: Turkey – Not about trees, but not about democracy either!

For more than three weeks now, Turkey is being shaken by massive proletarian revolt, that at its peak so far have driven into streets almost 5 million demonstrators all around the country. The movement’s immediate spark was a brutal state repression, i.e. when police crushed a demonstration against destroying and redevelopment of Gezi park in central Istanbul (right next to Taksim square, a place of infamous massacre of workers in 1977 and highly symbolical for proletarian movement in Turkey). Continue reading

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