Consideration on SPRAR and HC

Opponiti a tutte le leggi imposte
opponiti a chi, ti vuole comandare
strappandoti un voto per essere certo
che sarai, cio’ che lui vuole
obbligandoti ad essere un loro prodotto, a fare il suo gioco
apri i tuoi occhi, la tua vita e’ condizionata
tutto cio’ che loro ti fanno credere
semplicemente registrandoti e insegnandoti le verita’ che a loro sono piu’ comode
non basta vandalizzare una strada da ubriachi
non basta avere una divisa di vestiti firmati
non basta girare i chili di droga per essere piu’ vivi
non basta supportare una scena che e’ fine a se stessa
vivere è avere una logica in tutti i tuoi atti
organizzati, per fottere metodi ed istituzioni
e non per essere fottuto
sei studiato, sei programmato
e quello che sei, l’hanno voluto”

Grandine – Opposizione

On March 29, 2016, in Massafra in the “mysterious” convent of St. Augustine, was held the concert Hardcore punk with: Doom, Deception, Entact and Cruentus , organized by Entact with the arci LABinrinto. Having overcome the “mystery” of the space, we came to know its identity through the sign placed at the entrance. The former monastery, in everyday life, hosts the sprar Motvs Animi.

The sprars (protection system for asylum seekers and refugees) are places that fit into the expulsion system. The attempt to control and speculate on migration is articulated by various forms of detention, more or less coercive. The sprar is considered one of the most “human” places. Without bars and torturers, they are mostly seen as structures of benevolent welcome, where the immigrant is offered a bed and a daily meal.

But above all, the sprar, together with Hotspot, CARA and CIE, act as structures where migrants are “sorted”, in a completely arbitrary way, on the basis of thesir origin. Who migrates to Italy is no longer an individual, but is transformed into a number for statistics aimed at the sorting, precisely, of blackmailable workforce for European countries. The waiting, in the hope of obtaining a residence permit, greatly affects the life of the “guests” of these structures.

Within these places among the various projects has appeared for some time that of “voluntary” work. Migrants are assigned jobs for reimbursement of ridiculous expenses. With the excuse of filling the time of “guests” the municipality has a workforce substantially free. People are forced to stay in the centers to get the documents but for this reason they cannot live independently. As a counterpart to their reception they will have to provide social work to the same people who control their lives. Beyond this, many of them represent a catchment area of labor usable from logistics to agriculture, supporting the economy of exploitation.

Among the various managers of the sprar centers we often find the applications of arci.
The arci are places of aggregation on the basis of well-defined content and a political line as questionable as it may be. We have always seen how the position of the arci is far from the spirit of self-management that animates the hardcore punk.

Although the emptying of the contents of the scene does not come to us new, aware that this is the responsibility of all of us, we are perhaps at the limit. To the point of finding ourselves having to have something to say about all this in very few people and not even in the bands that play or in those who hear you face the issue. Or to be answered by the organizers who understand your perplexities but the practical needs of a small provincial reality justify this kind of choices. Coming for exhaustion to bring out what they actually think:

that people receive board and lodging and do not pay anything; that the concert is a way for guests to meet people; that in the arci offer help in integrating through initiatives.

Justifications that refer on the one hand to a pietist vision of the migrant category, and on the other hand to a mediatized and racist idea that sees the migrant as the holder of more rights and services than the Italians.

We believe that it is necessary to have a more critical vision of the places and situations in which we find ourselves or where we organize ourselves even worse, that compromises for practical or other needs cannot be part of the logical ones, such as self-management, the fight against all forms of authority and the rejection of any mediation with it.