Who we are

Distrozione was founded in 2005 with the idea of organizing concerts and distributing information and musical material in different cities. Over the years there have been several concerts, festivals, co-release and collaborations with groups and other independent labels from all over the world, organizing, among other things, tours around Italy of various bands.
Over time, many people have collaborated and animated the label, each of them putting their passions and skills to increase the project and connote it in the musical choices and not only. Both the musical genres distributed and the initiatives organized over the years have changed. If on one side, from the point of view of musical choices, we have gradually moved towards a clearer definition of the kind of music we are interested in, on the other side the project has also been enriched with political contents that are essential for us. Thus, we began to organize only and exclusively productions and concerts in which the income would go to supporting the struggles and for the comrades caught by the repression. Using the form of direct benefit for each of our productions, becoming in fact a solidarity fund active in the struggles.

Like every project, this one sets itself objectives and tries to pursue them. From the very beginning, one of these is, precisely, to create a network of economic support for those who, every day, spend themselves in the paths of struggle, spreading and echoing initiatives of conflict and active solidarity.

The conviction that animates us is that it is not always just a shout on stage. That this is a way like any other to meet and discuss and to organize together. May it also serve to change what surrounds us.



 “Welcome to our house. We believe that punk is a culture of resistance against sexism, racism, homophobia, heteronormativity, strikebreakers, transphobia, cops…”