The Creedish are now using their satellites (Sputniks from the former Soviet Union) to control the weather. They have been experimenting for years, culminating with this year to perfect their "Weather Control Technology". Many have suggested that the drought we have experienced in PA this year and the hurricanes and floods in other places are a result of some weather pattern such as "El Nino" or "La Nina". Or perhaps "Global Warming" or "Ozone Depletion" or some other nonsense. These are all cover ups to keep the "weather control technology" a secret. While this country has sustained heavy damage as a result, the Creedish are curiously still successful. Coincidence? We think not! While we can no longer use the freon, and we mean the "good stuff" not this crap that doesn't blow cold or propel cans like they should, the Creedish have enjoyed "bumper crops". I can't find a good aerosol can that can be used as a "Poor Man's Flamethrower" because of the wimpy propellants used. You can't even change your own freon in your car air conditioner because you might hurt the "Ozone". And even deoderant doesn't smell as sweet with this crappy stuff. All Creedish plots to steal away our soverignty and make us dependant on their ways.


On the left: The result of "Hurricane Floyd" revealed to be caused by the Creedish by one ouf our brave lads in an un-named location (for his protection). But about 2 hours after painting the message on his roof, Creedish DID THIS, the Creedish sent a "Crack Barn Raising Force" to remove the evidence.
On the Right: You can see how the Creedish have replaced the damaged patriot's house with a replica of the damaged house next door. This was done in a matter of hours, and during a storm!


Above: Our "Summer Headquarters and Creedish Resistance Summer Camp" was also destroyed by this weather technology. But we will not be defeated. We are currently drawing up plans for our next headquarters and even if the Creedish send 100 hurricanes our way we will not be moved.