Revolutionary Solidarity


This booklet that we have translated in italian dates back to 2013.
Many things have changed and there are many objective differences between those who designed it – an American anarchist comrade – and us who are going to read it, but the casus belli is similar: in the ongoing class conflict, not a day goes by when the bosses and their thugs humiliate, exploit, hold and finally kill those who are “weaker” in this society.
And not a day goes by when these “weaker” subjects do not respond to violence with violence.

The question that the authors ask themselves is an inescapable question now in the anti-authoritarian world: what role do we play in the struggles of the oppressed classes?

After the times when they were anarchists or communists blowing on the fire of revolts, today the choice is between watching the revolts of the oppressed classes like any other show or taking part in them.

But how? ….

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