Oh, guitar, my love! :-)
You all know computers are well suited for listening to music, I enjoy myself listening to some metal song in sorround with a powerful subwoofer while I'm programming, but how many of you did have realize that computers are perfect for actually doing music!?

I started recording music on a computer with my MC68030 based Amiga 1200 through a handmade parallel sampler, I have to thank my friend for its patience in soldering and for all the fun we had! :-)
You can still look at the Aminet archive of the project which guided us.
There are many little 11khz 8bit mp3 on the old Amiga hd I've lost with all this old recordings...

Now I have a Sounblaster Live! 5.1, so I can finally record 44khz 16bit samples or even apply realtime effects to the guitar!

Here are two nice recordings:
Encelo - Is There Anybody Out There (MP3) Original by the marvellous Pink Floyd
Encelo - Stairway To Heaven (MP3) Original by the great Led Zeppelin
A new short multitrack recording, nothing special, just to try the power of GNUsound:
Encelo - Man On The Edge (MP3) by Iron Maiden
Encelo - Man On The Edge (OGG) by Iron Maiden
Very little part of a music from an advertising:
Encelo - Indesit Advertising Theme (MP3)
Encelo - Indesit Advertising Theme (OGG)
Here is a beautiful little instrumental song by Yngwie Malmsteen:
Encelo - Farewell (MP3)
Encelo - Farewell (OGG)
Two small metal recordings, they're not finished yet:
Encelo - Sad But True (Intro) (OGG) by Metallica
Encelo - Wasting Love (Solo) (OGG) by Iron Maiden
A four tracks recording with a drum part made by Hydrogen:
Encelo - Sunday Bloody Sunday (OGG) by U2
A cover recorded at my friend house featuring me at the guitar, my friend at the bass and another friend at a homemade drum... :-) :
Encelo - Californication (OGG) by RHCP

Ah, I was about to forget it, me and my friends have a Shoutcast Radio too, check the homepage of the The Dark Side Of The Radio.

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