It's true I like very much creating with my computer, but it's also real I like so much playing with it too.
I've been playing with computer since my first A500, of course, and I've played to many different games...but, mmm, what can contain a section like this?
All the material that I've, in some way, created with games, will be here.
It could be a map, a model, a module, a video, a grab, a savegame, a highscore...

For example, I have provided the possibility for you to download a fast lap I made with Grand Prix 4 at Interlagos, 1:19.469 without any help, yeah, with manual gears and on a keyboard!

These are 40 recorded games with Age of Kings (Age of Empires 2) and The Conquerors (Age of Empires 2 expansion).
They are all the multiplayer games I had with my friends in 2002, from January 10 to April 11, plus a game on December 12 which I cannot absolutely remember.
The archive was compressed with bzip2 for the maximum compressing ratio (98mb -> 8.8mb), WinRAR should be able to decompress it.

Since June 9th, 2004 I'm a player of the free MMORPG Eternal Lands.
You can see online a page with my player statistics.

On the default track of Racer 0.5.2 beta 8.9, with the default car, my fastest lap is 1:14.0.
Default analog control (mouse) and manual gears.

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