I was always attracted by computer graphic, I think it's very natural for an Amiga user...
I begun painting with Deluxe Painting 3 on my Amiga 500 when I was a child, and continued doing some 3d stuff on the three Amiga 1200 I have with Raylab, POVray, Real3d, Tornado3d, Imagine, Cinema4D and Lightwave.
On my pc I've found the easy but powerful hand of 3d Studio Max (yeah, I sometime use Windows not only for games :-), but now I've definitely switched to the stunning quality of free products like The GIMP, Blender and YAFRay.

Anyway, this section will be a container for my little and very humble graphic productions.
I'll make the effort to collect the very old ones too, but keep in mind that all my historical past with 3d and 2d is on the dead Amiga hd. :'-(
Ah, just to make you know, who do you think is the creator of the bouncing balls (I've removed them because many people couldn't bear them bouncing all the time :-) ) and the text in the logo?
And the banners for Sonda? Yes, it was me. :-)

  • Download the italian tutorial (html| pdf) for the making of the clownfish.

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