This is the learning page as you can read everywhere. What does this mean?
Here I'll "post" all my learning wishes, all the things I think I have to worry more about.
The rows of every table are arranged with a priority order.


Topic Source Reasons Status Progress
Linux Kernel Book Learn how a real OS works Planned --
Posix API Book The base of *ix programming Suspended 25%
BSD sockets Tuts and examples Extend my programming toward the net Planned --
Linux Game Programming Book Very cool and interesting Suspended 25%
iptables Tutorial Learn hot to setup a good firewall Planned --


Topic Source Reasons Status Progress
HTML 4 Book Learn CSS and go beyond HTML 3.2 Done! 100%
C++ Book Learn object oriented developing approach Suspended 50%
PHP Book Standard for web development Suspended 40%
Python Manual Elegant and simple interpretated language In Progress 50%
SQL Book Learn more about Database Management Systems Planned --
LUA Tuts and examples Very nice light-weight language for scripting Planned --
Ruby Tuts and examples Another nice scripting language, very object oriented Planned --
TCL Man and tuts Simple and easily embeddable scripting language Stopped 10%


Topic Source Reasons Status Progress
gtk+2 Tut and API ref GIMP GUI toolkit, nice, fast and portable Suspended 15%
SDL Tuts and examples Great portable low-level multimedia library In Progress 40%
OpenGL Book, examples De-facto standard for 3d programming In Progress 20%
Crystal Space Documentation Free and very powerful 3d engine Planned --


Topic Source Reasons Status Progress
Blender Book and tuts Multi-platform and free all-in-one 3d package Done! 100%
3d Studio Max Book The simplest yet powerful serious 3d program Suspended 65%
Maya Books The state of the art in 3d programs Planned --
The GIMP Manual Very complete and powerful free 2d graphic package Planned --

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