Web Site Hosting

A/I Collective gives you the possibility to publish your own (static) web site.

The criteria for participating and enjoying the services offered by our servers are sharing our principles of anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-militarism that foster this project. Your website must share the non-commercial approach we support.

Your (static) site will generally be visible as a subdirectory of autistici.org or inventati.org (e.g.: www.autistici.org/mysite or www.inventati.org/yoursite) and you’ll be given a login name and password to upload via WebDAV. your files.

If your prefer, you can host a domain of your own choosing (but you will have to purchase it from a commercial provider).

You will find a lot of useful information on how to run a website on A/I servers in our howtos and manuals:

An email account on our servers has to be connected to each site for technical communications and news on the web hosting services. So, if you don’t have one, you will have to open a mailbox account as well as request website hosting.

Very important note about server security

We used to allow the installation of CMSs such as Drupal, b2evolution, Wordpress and the like, offering spaces for dynamic websites. If you wonder about why we are not offering this option anymore, first of all ask yourself if it wouldn’t suit you best to open a blog on our blogging platform Noblogs.org; we regularly maintain and update this software, carefully checking at all times if new versions have come out. Furthermore we do some additional verification to ensure the maximum possible level of security and privacy on this platform.

This is utterly important for your and every other user’s security, since not updated software contains bugs which are regularly exploited to access the server and make a mess.

Since you’re not the only one using our servers, but you’re sharing a space, we think it is absolutely necessary that everyone is responsible for what they install in the servers, because our boxes are self-managed and based on shared participation and responsibility. But this expectation has not been meet, therefore we don’t provide hosting for dynamic websites anymore. We spent too much time mending the suddenly detected holes left open in old, often abandoned installations of outdated CMS’es, that had to urgently be deactivated.

Now that you have read all about our static web hosting service, go on and ask us to open your website but remember that this project lives on exclusively thanks to our users donations!

Please be sure to check out our help page and the above mentioned manuals for any problem you might encounter (webdav access, web statistics, domain registration included especially).

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