Statistics for websites and blogs

A/I runs a statistics service for subsites, domains and blogs hosted on our servers. This service is based on Matomo.

To activate statistics for your website:

  1. If you have a static website, log into your user panel and click on the wheel next to your website name, then click on Analytics

  2. In the the footer of any page in your site (immediately before </body>), paste the code you see in the new window, starting from:

    <!-- Piwik -->

    up to

    <!-- /Piwik -->
  3. On the same page you will see an excerpt of your website actual statistics. If you click on the “SHOW COMPLETE STATS” link you’ll enter the statistics page updated in real time; consider that by default the date is anticipated by one day, though you can modify it.

  4. If you have installed a CMS like Wordpress, you’ll have to hack around or to beg us: perhaps you’ll move us to charity and we’ll try to find the solution you need. :)

Noblogs blogs do not need to activate statistics in the above mentioned way: you’ll only need to click on the “WP-PIWIK” link on your blog dashboard.

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