Technical features of website hosting

In this page you’ll find the main technical features of A/I website hosting.

Please check out also our FAQ pages for more docs.

Site URL

The main URL where your site can always be reached is:

(or A/I uses a proxy to redirect automatically your visitors to the server where your site actually is hosted.

Space usage

The web space offered by A/I has no strict limits. This doesn’t mean that you can drop any responsibility while using your space: to keep update you will always be reminded in your user panel about the total space you are using in our servers. The less space you use, the smaller will be the load on our structures!


The A/I servers offer the possibility of running scripts in PHP. We’re using the latest version available from Debian.

If you wish to install some complex software on your own, for example a CMS, a blog or a forum, and if this service is not automatically offered by A/I, we suggest you to study very carefully the security updates of the software you are installing. A complex site requires maintainance: it’s a matter of safety for your data and, in general, for the A/I servers.


If you already have a site with PHP, you can request a MySQL database. As soon as the db is created, you’ll receive a message with your database name, your user name and the password you need to connect to your db. The host is always “localhost”.

To access the database administration panel, you pass through the A/I panel, but you can also access it directly by going to

, whereby mysqlN is the name of the server hosting your site (and thus the database as well). To log in you must use the connection data we’ve sent you with the activation email.

CGI scripts

Due to the way services are organized, at the moment A/I does not offer the possibility of running CGI scripts.

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