Technical features of website hosting

In this page you’ll find the main technical features of A/I website hosting.

Please check out also our FAQ pages for more docs. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, try our General FAQ or write to us.

Site URL

Unless you have your own domain, the main URL where your site can always be reached is:

(or A/I uses a proxy to redirect automatically your visitors to the server where your site actually is hosted.

Space usage

The web space offered by A/I has no strict limits. This doesn’t mean that you can drop any responsibility while using your space: to keep update you will always be reminded in your user panel about the total space you are using in our servers. The less space you use, the smaller will be the load on our structures!


We do not offer PHP support for new websites anymore.

CGI scripts

Due to the way services are organized, at the moment A/I does not offer the possibility of running CGI scripts.

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