dawn of the era

Table of Contents

1 Dawn of the Era

Dawn of the Era (Dote for short) will be a fantasy, turn based, tactical game.

1.1 NEWS

1.1.1 Version

Added a new furniture type that is placed on a room's corner.

1.1.2 Version

This version includes a light system for lights of the dungeons, take a look at the screenshot below.

Also a brand new intro music as been added, thank you Salvo!

1.2 Features

  • procedural generation of levels, terrains, trees, labyrinths and most of the textures;
  • supported mesh in obj file format;
  • simple caching system for levels;
  • minimal Opengl GUI.

I am looking for collaboration for this project Please look at the NotABug repository for more information.

A video demostration of the renderer can be found here.

1.3 Getting the game

At this moment you have to download and compile the sources by yourself to get the game running: code and instruction are avalaible at the git repository.

1.4 Screenshots

1.4.1 Version


1.4.2 Version 0.0.1




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