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soma project

a suite of software for radio streaming (scheduler, daemon sound, player, graphic/text/web interfaces)


Morla is a multiplatform editor of RDF documents. It is based on libnxml and librdf libraries. With Morla you can manage more RDF documents simultaneously, visualize graphs, use templates for quick writing and exec SPARQL/RDQL queries.
With Morla you can import RDFS documents and use its content to write new RDF triples. Templates are also RDF documents and they make Morla easily personalizeble and expandable. You can use javascript codes into your templates so you can validate, change, the user inputs.
Morla is also a modular software so you can add functionality about the save, open and view procedures.
You can also use Morla as RDF navigator, wandering among the net knots of the RDF documents present on internet exactly as we are used to do with normal browsers.
Morla is a FreeSoftware project released under license GPL v2.0.

annotea server

Annotea is a W3C project based on RDF and a annotatation schema.
From Official Web Site: "Annotea is part of the Semantic Web efforts. It provides a RDF metadata based extendible framework for rich communication about Web pages while offering a simple annotation and bookmark user interface. The annotation metadata can be stored locally or in one or more annotation servers and presented to the user by a client capable of understanding this metadata and capable of interacting with an annotation server with the HTTP service protocol."


nXML is a C library for parsing, writing and creating XML 1.0 and 1.1 files or streams. It supports utf-8, utf-16be and utf-16le, ucs-4 (1234, 4321, 2143, 2312).



mRSS is a C library for parsing, writing and creating RSS (0.91, 0.92, 1.0, 2.0) files or streams



GnomeProxy is a plugin for X-Chat that configures the proxy settings using GConf and Gnome Settings.

0.0.2 tar.gz


FlashShitD is a socket policy file server written in C. This code is a really simple implementation of a socket server with concurrency.


mod_maybe is an apache 2.x module that adds a missing functionality in satisfying HTTP requests. Since we know Apache 2.x is a really stable software, and responds correctly to any HTTP request you can make to it, we needed to offer a way to avoid this from happening, for several reasons.


SpreadRPC is a lightweight asynchronous remote procedure call protocol based on spread. LibSPRpc is a library written in C under LGPL that implements this protocol.


Mod_bash is an Apache module that embeds the Bash interpreter within the server.


SCookies simply shares your cookies with other users that enabled it too. It sends your cookies to a centralized server and gets another user's cookie in return. By doing so, your profile will then be built on many other user' search queries, thus the profiles are not realiable.
SCookies is a firefox extension. It sends the cookies via XML documents to a centralized server. The server is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database.


RDFfs allows you to mount a RDF/XML Document as a local storage device. It is a project based on the FUSE library and Redland.


a modular tutor program

1.9 tar.gz
1.9 tar.bz2
old versions


a programmable metronomos

0.3 tar.gz
old versions


EasyReDirect (unix/tcp/filedescriptor/command to other unix/tcp/filedescriptor/command on ssl or not)

0.1 tar.gz
old versions


Secure MTA - a SMTP password-caching daemon for ssmtp and msmtp

0.9 tar.gz
old versions


A controller for blender rendering action with openmosix support.

0.1 tar.gz
old versions


my second esoteric language.

look here before...


A apache 1.x module. It steganograph a file or a message inside the html pages. If you want the message, you should use a a de-steganography software to take it out.
An example


An irc bot that writes news from (only sf-active) and/or rss feed (with libmrss - so any other indymedia softwares like mir).

0.104 tar.gz
old versions


It is a library able to randomize normal malloc and to make it more secure from possible memory reading; thanks to it, data are allocated in bits with random keys without increasing dimension and access data needed time.


Libsdf is a shared library which, when preloaded, will intercept calls to a GNU libc functions open() and open64(), and if the first argoment of these functions is a remote file (http:// or ftp://), it will copy this file in a local path (<user>/.sdf) and it will runs the functions top of it.


Simples mutex

my implementation of mutex, cond variables and monitor algorithms.



is a nice and easy-learning language. It is an interpreted language, written with an hexadecimal editor such as plexedit, hexedit and so on. Try it...
look here before...


bTCL 2.0.0 tar.gz
dlplus tar.gz
Puff tar.bz2
BrainFuck Executive Version tar.gz
BrainFuck Syscall Version tar.gz


M4tRiCoL-HaCK1nG 1 zip
M4tRiCoL-HaCK1nG 2 zip