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mRss is a C library for parsing, writing and creating RSS/ATOM files or streams. This library can be also used not only in C or C++, but also in PHP with the PHP extension.

This library supports:


mRss is a FreeSoftware project released under LGPL 2.0.


For the PHP extension:


Installation from source

 tar xvfz libmrss-<version>.tar.gz
 cd libmrss-<version>
 ./configure --prefix=/usr
 make install

If you want the PHP extension:

 cd phpmrss

Installation from CVS

Run the following commands in a directory that you have write access to (such as your home dirctory):

 cvs login
(Just hit enter for the password)
 cvs -z3 co libmrss

Once you have checked the source of libmrss, run the following commands:

 cd libmrss
 ./configure --prefix=/usr
 make install

When there are changes to libmrss's code, you will want to update you local copy. Run from the directory libmrss:

 cvs update -dP
 ./configure --prefix=/usr
 make install


Support for mRss is available to all via email:

Commercial Support

Commercial users of mRss are strongly encouraged to purchase a commercial support contract, please contact me for a quotation. I will always prioritise support requests from those with support contracts.


Users not purchasing commercial support are encouraged (but not obliged) to make a donation. By donating you are supporting the principle of open source software and you will help ensure continued development of mRss.

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