Non una questione privata,
una questione di privacy

La polizia postale, con la scusa dell'indagine su crocenera anarchica,
ha avuto modo di spiare per un anno le comunicazioni personali
di tutti gli utenti del server /

what happened

in theory:

All communications to and from the mailbox have been intercepted and copied since 15 June 2004.

in practice:

The method used for these interceptions violated the basic freedoms of every other user of the server, as well as those of its administrators. From the day of the police "visit", all comunications (email and other) to and from our server - the privacy of which is normally protected by an encryption system (SSL) - must be considered intercepted by unauthorized personnel of the Postal Police.

how it happened

Access to our users' private data is reserved exclusively to the administrators of the investici association - neither Aruba, nor any unidentified third party, can legally access the data on our computer.

The Postal Police, aided by the staff of Aruba, chose the simplest and most offensive option: they physically shut down the system (resulting in the interruption of services to more than 30,000 people). Then they copied all the data they considered necessary, without the presence of our technicians or our lawyers.

From that moment, interception of all communications of all our users has been possible using easily available technology.

what about the others?

Despite the obvious gravity of the situation, it's worthwhile remembering that commercial services do not even consider the problem of protecting private communications. In very few cases do they provide encryption protocols and nobody has ever alerted their users to what, to us, is a problem: violation of the security of their users' personal data.

Be aware that all commercial providers sistematically make the private data of their users available to unidentified "third parties", without considering that a problem.

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