"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." - Neuromancer

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"I realized early on that only certain people can be trusted with certain information, and certain types of information can be trusted to no one. Giving out useful things to irresponsible people would inevitably lead to whatever thing it was being abused and no longer useful. I was very possessive of my information and frequently withheld things from my articles." (Lex Luthor / LOD, 1992.)

As of January 2009 all past and new project files are not publicly available anymore.

If you need to reach me visit this page for contact information.

I'm constantly planning and working on new ideas. Some of my projects are outlined below. If you want to collaborate and get actively involved in one or more projects, or have your own ideas for improving or even creating something new, feel free to get in touch.

Project ID
ra3 (code)
A software agent able to automate many system & network operations. Has its own scripting language and can be used to perform low-level network operations (for example, reacting to network traffict payloads, sending raw/spoofed packets, etc.)
iridium (code)
An innovative Operating System for the IA32 architecture, designed for performance and flexibility and to simplify life for users and developers; advanced security (stack/heap randomization, no-exec, protection against exploits and infoleaks); different compatibility layers are planned and will make use of modified Wine and AROS code; GUI ideas from RISC/BeOS/AOS operating systems
polylab (code)
Flexible polymorphic shellcode generator
psybot (code)
Performs statistical analysis of anonymous internet posts, emails, articles, chat logs, etc. in order to determine if they were written by the same person. Basically a much improved version of Aitel's python script, reimplemented from scratch in PHP in order to include Fravia's language pattern reversing techniques
vpuex (code)
An attempt at using GPUs for non-graphical calculations, proof-of-concept code
idskip (code)
Demonstrates advanced IDS evasion techniques that do not rely on fragmentation
thepit (code)
Modular honeypot and tarpit based on Qemu
Exploiting honeypots to gain privileged system access
ono sendai (code)
IP-based parasitic computing, proof-of-concept
promiscid (code)
Detects promiscuous mode nodes in a LAN using different techniques, available for *nix and win32
noevid (code)
A portable log cleaner and wtmp/utmp editor
harp (code)
Small tool to defeat ARP poisoning attacks on multiple LAN nodes, for linux and win32
t-gen (schematics)
Transient GENerator (advanced HERF-like device, schematics)
sint (code)
Blind IP-spoofing tool, fully configurable
(docs + code)
PKCS Security Assessment Tool, and Technical Guide to Digital Certification. Guide is to be published published in Phrack Magazine issue 52 (handle: yggdrasil)
Wireless (radio) modem for RS-232 interface (one of my first projects, now obsolete)