My first approach to a distributed network was with the DNet RC5-64 effort, back in 2001, when I disposed the full power of my PowerPC 603 to the Amiga RC5 Team Effort, but when my Amiga hd broken down in the summer of the same year, and I had only the Linux hd, I continued to the Seti@Home project, I couldn't bear having my processor doing nothing... :-)

When in October 2001 I bought a pc I had a huge horse-power wasted, so I thought it was the right time to continue on the RC5-64 contest and help the Amiga team keeping the 7th position in the world (yes, at last we did it! :-).
The RC5-64 is now finished (July 14, 2002), a new one is already started (RC5-72) but I've changed my mind again, and, since October 7th 2002, my machine is dedicated to The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence!

In 277 days I've analyzed 60.614 RC5-64 workunits, look at the statistics page.
Loot at my SETI's statistics page.
  • Don't forget to check this useful SETI chaching program for Linux: lin-seti

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Completed 100 Workunits

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