My Mandrake 9.x contribution packages

Please note: since 2/2/2005 I don't run MDK anymore, I've switched to Arch Linux (and I'm very happy with it :-D) so you can understand that I can't provide fresh RPMs anymore. I've removed GKrellM and XChat packages but leaved the others for historical reasons.
For Arch Linux PKGs visit my repository.

To extract the source and the spec file from the source rpm just type: "rpm2cpio <package name> | cpio -i".

Mosfet's Liquid 0.9.5

Two days only after I updated to mdk9, I pretended liquid on my kde3 desktop!
After a search I didn't find any mdk specific rpm, so I downloaded the source from the Mosfet's Liquid homepage.
After I compiled and installed it I found there were some issues that I had to fix in order to actually make use of it on my mdk9 distro...
Because I'm a perfectionist :-) and I like to have a tidy system, I soon decided to make a specific mdk rpm for it, and share it with the mdk community.

Bubbling Load Monitor 2.0.1

I once had this very funny applet in my Gnome 1.4 panel and wanted it again in Gnome2's one, fortunately I found on its site that a Gnome2 version did exist.
This required some work on dependencies and mdk default directories to actually build a mdk package.

Sonda 0.11.0

The first program for which I learned how to build RPM packages.

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