Jabber Howto

Jabber (these days usually called XMPP) is an instant messaging protocol, automatically available to all A/I users.

Some of its features include:

General parametres for Jabber client configuration

Your Jabber ID is the same as your A/I email address.

No further configuration should be needed with any modern XMPP client, the autodiscovery mechanisms will automatically tell your client which server to connect to.

Jabber clients

We wrote some manuals to configure some of the major Jabber clients available (images are only in Italian, but we guess you can understand that much)


The service has been active, in Beta stage, from the 25th December 2005. If you have problems or recommendations or if you want to give us a hand for an adequate documentation, get in touch via our helpdesk.

About the implementation

The service uses the Ejabberd free XMPP server.

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