Voluntarised Commons Economy

How could a moneyless economy work? The system presented here is what I call the voluntarised commons economy, in which the commons takes over from private property, and the labour system is based on voluntary contributions of time rather than obligatory payments of money.


Is Communism Possible? A Frank Assessment

An addendum to the Voluntarised Commons Economy, addressing concerns about the feasibility of a commons society.

A Collection of Visions

A collection of links to visions of alternative economic systems.


Full Communism in Four Steps

Four processes - demonetisation, democratisation, voluntarisation and communalisation - which could eventually lead to the realisation of the full communist maxim, 'From each according to their ability (and wishes), to each according to their need'.


Advantages of a Natural Economy

How a natural economy solves global issues, and why it leads to a decreased working week.


The Free Federation: A Vision of a Better World

A fictionalised vision of a systemic alternative to capitalism, an economic system without money, markets or states.


Which Production System for your Post-Capitalist Society?

The core goal of a post-capitalist production system is to produce what society needs - no more and no less. Let's look at some of the systems that can be used to achieve this.


The Solidarity Economy as a Strategy for Revolution

A constructive guide to building a new society. A re-appraisal of the 'dual power' strategy.


Ten Alternatives to Capitalism

What are the alternatives to capitalism and how can we build them?


A Network-Enabled Gift Economy in a Post-Capitalist Society

A rough sketch of a social network that could be used for a gift economy, and some ideas about how it would work in a libertarian communist society.


A Vision of a Better World

The first version of my 'vision', describing how a new libertarian socialist society could work. It is superseded by 'The Free Federation' above.