On this site I collect my polemical, radical ideas, essays and other projects. You can contact me on the address represented by: feedback at corfizz dot com.


Embracing Extinction

I argue that we should not be sad about species extinction because of the suffering inherent in nature.


A Further Defence of David Benatar's Asymmetry Argument for Antinatalism

I argue that Benatar's assymetry argument is perfectly explicable on the basis that the supposed benefits of creating someone are only relevant after they are created, and thus provide no *a priori* argument for procreation. I also discuss the issue of consent and manipulation in relation to procreation.


Rethinking Democracy

I argue that we should not shy away from criticising democracy.


The Right to Die

Everyone should have the right to die. It is just as important as the right to life, as only when we have the right to die can we even begin to make up for the injustice of having been forced into life in the first place.


Abolition of Compulsory Education

Compulsory education does things to young people that we would never consider acceptable if done to adults. So can we justify it?


From Gun Control to Gun Abolition

We should take seriously the idea that guns should not just be controlled and monopolised by the state, but abolished altogether.


Anti-Immigration is Always Racism

Opposition to immigration is always rooted in racism, whether someone realises it or not. We'll examine the main arguments, that working people who immigrate are "stealing" jobs; that they depress wages; that they stress the welfare system; and that they over-burden local housing or transport systems. All of these arguments are ultimately based on prejudice.


It's Time to Rethink Anti-Capitalism

People throw around the word capitalism without having a particularly clear idea of what it means. People on the left also throw around the term 'anti-capitalism' without having a clear idea of what they think the alternative is. I argue that the terms 'capitalism' and 'anti-capitalism' are outdated.


Adultism and the Liberation of Children and Teenagers

Young people are the most oppressed human group in our society today. Find out about adultism here.


A Basic Income for Children

I argue that any proposal for Universal Basic Income should pay out to people of all ages at the same level.


Education is a Right, Compulsory Education is a Crime

I argue that education should be voluntary and not coerced.


Your Children Aren't Your Property. An Anti-Natalist Perspective

Children have such limited autonomy in the earliest part of their life - so should we be wishing that on them?


Frontiers of Liberty: Coercive Treatment, Prisons, Animal Rights and the Oppression of Children

We have a society of coercion; I wanted to live in a society of caring. One based on compassion, respect for individual differences and choices, tolerance and love, where caring and sensitivity to each other and to our physical and emotional needs are among society's highest values. To have a caring society we must eliminate coercion.