Is Communism Possible? A Frank Assessment

An addendum to the Voluntarised Commons Economy, addressing concerns about the feasibility of a commons society.


Vouchers or Circulation, Money is Money

Some anarchists, socialists and communists propose using a system of 'voucher money' instead of 'circulation money'. In this essay, I explain that ultimately, money is money.


Abolish Money? How Naïve!

To most people, a world without money seems like some kind of 'childish' fantasy. Money, these adults think, is some kind of natural law - endlessly true, real, unquestionable. But dogma deserves to be questioned. It's kind of heart-warming that so-called childish fantasies are actually more sensible and more practical than the mythologies we've internalised.


Advantages of a Natural Economy

How a natural economy solves global issues, and why it leads to a decreased working week.


No, the New Economy Does Not Need Money

Money itself is assumed to be beyond questioning. So let's question that assumption. It will quickly become clear that money is neither necessary nor useful, that there is no such thing as money without capitalism, and that every system of exchange, regardless of how it works, will be exploitative and destructive.


Which Production System for your Post-Capitalist Society?

The core goal of a post-capitalist production system is to produce what society needs - no more and no less. Let's look at some of the systems that can be used to achieve this.


Economics in Three Dimensions

Expanding the left-right spectrum into a 3-dimensional model of different economic systems.


An Exchange Economy Can Never Be an Ecological Economy

Contrary to the claims made by reformist voices in the "new economy", degrowth and "steady state" economics movements, an exchange economy (including capitalism) cannot be a "natural", that is ecological, economy.


An Introduction to Natural Economics

Natural economics is the study of an ecological economy.


Growth is Counterproductive

One of the most urgently necessary components of the revolution is the rekindling of community. Another is learning how to participate in our communities, to accustom ourselves to the empowering processes of autonomy and self-government. Capitalism, on the other hand, is by nature antithetical to these developments, seeking to destroy community and render each person incapable of governing their own life.


Growth is Not Necessary

Economic growth is not only impossible, in the long term, it's also unnecessary and undesirable. Here, busting some myths about the economic growth imperative.


Nothing Costs Money

What are the goals of society? And does money really have a role?