Why Working Has To Be Voluntary

I argue that a system of compulsory labour contributions is not only immoral but replete with technical hurdles and political dangers, whilst voluntary labour is in fact more efficient and more practical. That's probably not obvious to most people, which is why we have to think about this for a few thousand words.


There is no working class, there are only capitalists

An argument against the Marxist traditional two-class analysis of capitalism.


The Revolution isn't Coming: Why the Left Should Forget about Class

A criticism of the Left's approach to revolution and a suggestion that 'class' is not the right rallying point anymore.


Eternal Discontent: the Psychology of Capitalism and Resistance

With a little help from Buddhist philosophy, I examine the different kinds of suffering in the world.


Rights, Responsibilities, Rhetoric

Politicians try to convince us that freedom and human rights are at the foundation of our society; in fact, this is an insidious lie. RRR is a small political article about what it means, and what it should mean, for humans to have rights.