nxml_data_t Struct Reference

#include <nxml.h>

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Detailed Description

Data struct for any element of XML streams/files.

Data struct for any element of XML stream/files

Definition at line 97 of file nxml.h.

Data Fields

nxml_type_t type
char * value

Field Documentation

type of this nxml_data_t struct

Definition at line 99 of file nxml.h.

The value of this data struct

Definition at line 101 of file nxml.h.

List of attributes of this struct. This list exists only if type == NXML_TYPE_ELEMENT

Definition at line 103 of file nxml.h.

Pointer to the correct namespace

Definition at line 107 of file nxml.h.

The namespaces in this element

Definition at line 108 of file nxml.h.

The children of this data struct

Definition at line 110 of file nxml.h.

The next element

Definition at line 111 of file nxml.h.

The parent

Definition at line 113 of file nxml.h.

The nxml_t

Definition at line 114 of file nxml.h.

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