"I shaved the mustache! I'm wearing the dumb hat! But I'll be DAMNED if I'm wearing the rest of that UGLY getup. These dudes ain't got no sense of style man!"

Bin Laden was reported to have been discovered in the U.S. hiding in one of the many "Secret Creedish Camps". Bin Laden was forced to flee his hiding spot when he found out that U.S. Commandos were ready to kidnap him and take him to the U.S. for trial on terrorism charges.

He seems to have made a "cranky peace" with the Creedish. It is uncertain if he is working with, or just seeking asylum with the Creedish. It was last reported that the Creedish had actually trained and supplied Bin Laden, and then they had a falling out.

Returning to the U.S. was the idea of the Creedish, and Bin Laden agreed. Figuring that this would be the last place the U.S.would look. It is also suspected that the Creedish wish to repair strained relations with Bin Laden, and have allowed him some concessions.

He is still allowed to wear his robes, and is exempt from early A.M. chores.

When awakened for A.M. milking duty, Bin Laden was heard shouting, "If you think I'm getting up at 4 A.M. to grab some cows teets in the dark, you don't know Bin Laden! You got any idea of what time it is in Pakistan? Get your plain, humble ass out of my room, before I jam a nuclear back pack where the sun don't shine!" The Creedish are hoping that Bin Laden will acclamate to his new home soon and join in the Creedish lifestyle. When told this, Bin Laden responded "Fat F--king Chance Adam!"


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