Infrastructure costs

We thought it fair for the people who support our work with their donations every year to know how much the infrastructure costs.

Costs can be split up in two main chapters: connectivity costs for each node of the a/i infrastructure and maintenance costs (covering hardware costs, server replacements, and only exceptionally travel costs for those who wind up fixing the impeding disaster :)

Connectivity (per year)

about 8300E

Banking costs (per year)

about 600E

Administration (per year) [ domain name registration, accounting, etc ]

about 1540E

Maintanance (per year) [ hardware, server, travel costs, legal expenses, emergencies ]

about 3300E

TOTAL circa 13740 euro per year

This means that every year we spend more or less 14.000 euros for the survival of the infrastructure.

All the work the collective does for maintaining the infrastructure is voluntary work. We survive thanks to the donations of people using our services.

So donate now!

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