Do you want a mailbox on our servers? A mailing list? Some space for a website? This is the right place. Before you proceed with your request though, we would like to inform you on the nature of our collective and on the criteria we use to hand out our services.

First of all check out our manifesto and our policy: this should already give you an idea who you are dealing with and whether or not your request is appropriate.

If you want a summary, here it is: all the requests are processed by a person, not a robot, we don't do this as a job but as militant activity, so be kind and respectful; we don't necessarily ask you for money but please be aware that the whole structure has some costs, so be sensible and donate if you can; we don't like authoritarism and institutional politics, so be advised that there are some limits to who can submit a request; we are not available 24/7, so be patient and rest assured that your request will be answered, even if with some delay.

It's not much, you see, but it's important to us: take your time to check out our website and understand our project before you submit your request. On the website you can also find information on what the services are really about, don't miss them!

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To better guarantee your privacy, we don't require you to have an existing email address.

All websites must be associated with an A/I account:

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  • If you do not have an account, one will be created for you automatically, and you do not need to enter anything here.

Mailing lists and newsletters require an owner.

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If you specified an email address, we will send you a link to the request page, but just once. We won't keep any record of the address, so we will be unable to contact you again by email about this request.

By submitting this request you agree to use the resources responsibly, and according to our policy.

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Visit that URL once in a while (we suggest not more than once a day) to check for updates. Request links automatically expire after a few weeks.

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