No One Is Illegal



Over 3,500 people
have died crossing
the US/Mexico
border since

Over 1.5 Million
Mexican Farmers
have lost their
farms as a result






URGENT Announcements

Support Anti-MinuteMen protesters in LA


SWARM would like to offer a sincere thanks to the more than 78,500 people from around the world who joined the Electronic Disturbance Theater's virtual sit-in against the MinuteMen. It seems that in a time when almost all the space in the United States has been privatized and free speech zones have been reduced to cages topped with barbed wire, the internet can still serve as a commons where people can gather together to create positive social change.


SWARM quiere agradecer sinceramente a las más de 78.500 personas de todo el mundo que se unieron a la sentada virtual del Electronic Disturbance Theatre contra los MinueteMen. Parece que, en un tiempo en el que casi todo el espacio de los Estados Unidos ha sido privatizado y las zonas para el discurso libre se han reducido a jaulas cubiertas de alambre de espino, Internet todavía sirve como ámbito común donde la gente puede juntarse para crear un cambio social positivo.

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About the MinuteMen

Enough is enough.

We reject everything about the minutemen. The minutemen function and exist when the rest of us, the vast majority of us, remain silent. Even in an environment of fear and uncertainty we all know that immigrants are not the reason for America's problems, nor should they be the powerless scapegoat. Because the vast majority of us look upon slavery, japanese interment and manifest destiny as sick, tragic pages in our history, we have no tolerance for these hyper-patriotic bigots, masquerading as virtuous citizens. It is our intention to report on the resistance, sabotage, and destruction of this project before it gets any farther down this road of organized hate and violence.

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What is being done about it:

We want to report on what you are doing yourself. We see that people are taking direct action to stop the MinuteMen. They are swarming the MinuteMen and making all of their communication systems useless. We intend to unmask these modern day white hooded vigilantes.

We must let the MinuteMen and the world know what people really think of their violent, racist plans. People are swarming the MinuteMen and stoping this organized racism and hatred in its tracks.

When the MinuteMen restart their border patrols again in June, people plan to physically interfere with their operations. They will go to wherever the MinuteMen are in their area and stop them from operating. More info will be passed on later of their locations. Until then, people are anonymously and autonomously acting against the MinuteMen using electronic disturbance.

Swarm the racist minutemen!