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Lock a message with a Combination, to be unlocked with the same Combination

Unlock a message locked with a Combination (tags are PL**msc)

Lock a message with a regular Lock, to be unlocked with the matching Key

Unlock a locked message with the matching secret Key (tags are PL**msl)

Make a short locked message suitable for SMS

Unlock a short locked message (no tags, first character other than ! or @)

Make a strong Key or Combination

Make the Lock that matches your Key

Merge a secret Key and a Lock to make a shared Combination

Stamp a text with a secret Key

Verify a signature allegedly matching a text

Lock a second, undetectable message in addition to the main message (decoy mode)

Reveal the hidden text contained within a message locked in decoy mode

Display the ID of a Lock

Do a self-ID of PassLok

PassLok in one minute

PassLok lesson 2