the R* Plan: a resilient network of distributed selfmanaged servers.

Autistici / Inventati

A/I is a collective of activists engaged with technology, privacy, digital rights.


The R* Plan

The so-called R* plan is the attempt to provide an answer to the problems just identified:

Network structure

  • N functionally equivalent server
  • each hosts a fraction 1/N of the users' private data
  • servers are geographically distributed in different countries
  • servers are interconnected through a VPN


This is the logical view of the "private" network. The various rings correspond to different levels of database access (different trust levels, indeed).

Encrypted file systems

User database

Configuration management


  • multiple MX records, with equal priority
  • antispam checks are always performed locally
  • internal routing uses the VPN interconnection

Mail / 2

POP/IMAP services are deployed using the same scheme:

Forwarding scheme (and some math)


Web / 2

Mailing Lists


A/I implements many mechanisms for user identity protection:


more information: