Thank you for visiting me on my site. I am Alessandro Greco aka NoNameoN and I am currently a student enrolled in the three-year course of Computer Science at the University of Calabria UNICAL.

I really like the world of information technology, particularly information security. In the future I hope to be able to deepen this topic with specific courses.
I love manual work and I enjoy working in a team, as long as it is managed by someone.

Good stay on my website, Ale :)


I worked for about 3 years as a bartender and brings drinks between bars and restaurants.
In recent years, however, I have worked on commission for some IT projects in the field of web development, software and scripting.


I have carried out several university projects on programming:

  • Business management software entirely Java and JavaFX
  • JSP WebApp using Css - JavaScript - Java languages
  • Development of an artificial intelligence capable of playing cards alone
  • Design of a network infrastructure with manual configuration of all machines, areas, Routers, Firewalls, network interfaces
  • Development of an Android application entirely developed in Java


I know well the languages ​​C++ - Java - JavaFX - Java For Android - Python - Perl - JavaScript
I know well HTML/5
I am sufficiently familiar with the languages ​​C - Css - DLV(AI)

I am very familiar with Linux (Debian and sons) and Windows 7+ 8+ 10+ Operating Systems
I have never used the Linux distribution called MacOS :)

I am very familiar with work programs and easily learn the necessary functionalities.
I am interested in learning about other languages ​​to expand my knowledge and skills


Cyber Security


Web and Software

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