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We cannot stand anymore

Diritto e rovescio

We cannot stand anymore to live in a town which hosts a lager.
We cannot stand anymore to see people chased in the streets, locked down and deported because they do not have their papers.
We cannot stand anymore that those who fight against huge infamies like Centri di Permanenza Temporanea could be arrested and prosecuted – as it happened to some anarchists from Lecce, who are taken into home custody after more than one year in jail.
We cannot stand anymore those who are telling us to wait, that everything will be better, those who promise that tomorrow, with the Left government…
We cannot wait anymore: so today we are occupying the regional office of the Red Cross.
We will be staying in here until the Red Cross Regional Board will formally and officially give up managing the lager in Corso Brunelleschi.

Not a step behind.
Closing CPT’s is possible, now.

The occupants
Turin, December 15, 2006

macerie @ Dicembre 15, 2006

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