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26 Apr 08:
GNOME Mastermind 0.3.1 Bugfix Release!

Hey it's been a while since I last posted something here (ehm.. it's been a while since I last made a svn commit too :P). It turns out that gnome-mastermind has an annoying bug with recent distros. So here is a bugfix release ;).
This fixes grid drawing with both recent and old versions of cairo, I've tried my best to make gnome-mastermind look the same in both but there was an isssue with line rendering in pre-1.5.8 cairo that now has been fixed so I gave priority to most recent cairo. This unfortunately causes pegs to be placed half-pixel uncentered to the right with relatively old distros. Please consider upgrading since it is related to a cairo issue that's already fixed ;).
Btw check the ChangeLog for more infos or feel free to contact me.

30 May 07:
GNOME Mastermind 0.3 Release!

Finally I'm happy to announce the third release of this little game! Here follows a quick list of major changes:
  • Drag and drop support: now you can place pegs simply draggin them from the tray to an active cell. Old select and place mode still works too.
  • Undo and Redo.
  • Double click on a peg places it to first free cell (single middle click too as before).
  • Added a first draft of a keyboard mode: 1, 2, 3, ... 8 keys place the correspondent peg to the first free cell.
  • Added a new fruity theme where pegs are replaced by fruits. Since each fruit has a different shape, it could be used even by color-blind people. Thanks Sean Wilson ;)
  • Added an accessible tileset where each peg has a different shape so that it can be distinguished by color-blind people.
  • Some tileset artwork restyling: two new themes, removed old simple.svg and replaced with a new similar but gpl one.
  • Replaced selection rectangle with a sort of zoom effect.
  • Minor user interface improvements. Made main window resizable.
  • Many bugfixes.
  • New translations:
    Arabic (Djihed Afifi), Basque (Mikel Olasagasti), Indonesian (Andika Triwidada), British English (David Lodge), Spanish (David Prieto), Brazilian Portuguese (Leonardo Fontenelle).
Hope I din't forget anything. As always check the ChangeLog file for a detailed list of changes.
Go to the Download section to try it now or check the updated Screenshots to take a look at the game.

21 May 07:
Hey, it's been a while since I posted last news here so lets summarize what happened during this time: Some days after release: 05 May 07:
GNOME Mastermind 0.2 release: 20 Apr 07:
Thanks to Federico Boaretti now we have a feisty package ;) Please test it and report me any problem related.
19 Apr 07:
After just one day of project life I've already received Polish translation! And we could soon have some ubuntu package and maybe an icon :D! Thanks to you all!

I've opened a project page at
Project homepage will still be this but development has moved to gna svn.
You can checkout latest svn version with:
$ svn co svn:// gnome-mastermind
From this moment you can submit bugs to Bug-tracker
I've also opened a public mailing list for support, help requests, feedback, comments, and whatever you want to discuss on. Use it to give me your opinion about the game, ask for feature and suggestions!


GNOME Mastermind is a little Mastermind™ game for linux that I've written, mainly for fun, while I was learning some programming with gtk and cairo. At first I was not intentioned to share it, but now I think it has become quite stable so I decided to distribute it. I like it and I hope someone else would like it too.

The goal of this game is to break a hidden color code following the hints that the game gives us. Check the game manual for a better explanation about how the game works and is played.

If you look at the code please don't care too much about style issues and some portion redundancy: it's still an early version so it still needs some love ;)

Feel free to comment out at email address below.

Please, note that site website is still a stub under development.

This game is free and is released under GNU GPL License



$ tar -jxvf gnome-mastermind-0.3.tar.bz2
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
# make install

To start the game you can go to Applications → Games → Mastermind
Either you can type gnome-mastermind from a command line
or from your desktop manager run dialog (alt+f2 on GNOME Desktop)


Screenshot of the game using color from MurrinaGilouche and simple theme Screenshot of the game using green-ish color new shapes theme Screenshot using greenish color and new tango theme  

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Filippo Argiolas
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