How to change or recover your mail password

A/I offers a service for those of you with very bad memory, that allows you to recover your password by answering a simple question…

It is very important you set your answer before losing the password! (we suggest doing it at soon as your account is activated).

How to recover your password

Step 1 - Click on “Have you forgotten your password?” in the login form

Go to the login page, insert your username and a password (that will be wrong, because you don’t remember it), and try to log in. A message with “Have you forgotten your password?” will appear in the login page, just under the form. Click on it to go to the recovery question.

Step 2 - Answer your recover question

Now you see the question you set when you first got your password. Once you enter the correct answer, you will see a big title saying:

Ok. You new password is RtYcYEFnVMvu However, you will need to change it before you can use it again…

This means you have a new password, that is: RtYcYEFnVMvu and that you MUST change it to use the mailbox.

Step 3 - Change your password!

To change your password, just log into your user panel and follow the right link!

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