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Distrozione was born in 2005 with the aim to organize live concerts and to spread counter information and musical material through italian cities.
Through the years many lives took place as well as festivals, co-production and collaboration with bands and others independent labels from all over the world. Year by year a lot of people got involved in the label, each one giving his/her passion and abilities to improve the project and give it a shape. Both music genres had initiatives within the project has been changed as the time went by. On the one hand, concerning with music choices, a more clear one saw the light, on the other the project enrich itself with political contents that are essential for us. So We began to organize live concerts and produce records, the income of which is given to benefit and support the social and political struggle and those comrades who have been beaten by repression. As every project, this one too sets its aims and try to pursue them. From the beginning one of them is to create an economic support network for those comrades who try hard on the struggles, spreading and giving voice to conflict efforts and active solidarity. This label manages to have presence in different cities, and for each of them we keep a good memory: a nice evening, or a heart to heart talk. What keeps us alive is the belief that it’s not just a matter of screaming under the stage; that this is just a way as any other to meet up, talk and organize things together; that even this way is useful to change what’s around us.



 “Welcome to our house. We believe that punk is a culture of resistance against sexism, racism, homophobia, heteronormativity, strikebreakers, transphobia, cops…”