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dmsteg 0.9.1 (linux)
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Steg is a specification for deniably-encrypted block devices
DM-Steg is an implementation of this specification for (GNU/)Linux
Steg works with substrates (devices containing ciphertext) to export plaintext containing block devices, known as aspects, to the user. Without having the key(s), there is no way of determining how many aspects a substrate contains, or if it contains any aspects at all. Aspects, being block devices, may also function as substrates for the purpose of creating aspects-within-aspects. Steg imposes no limits on the number of aspects within a substrate nor on the way in which aspects are arranged. In order to prevent disk surface analysis from providing useful information, aspects are able to migrate so that their physical footprints change completely over time. This migration can occur for mounted aspects without interrupting I/O and allows mounted aspects to exchange physical regions with aspects for which keys have not been entered. Steg does not require special offsets and aspects may reside within any region of a block device or file.
Accordingly, Steg can also be used for steganographically hiding aspects within files.
DM-Steg consists of a Linux kernel module for mounting Steg aspects, as well as userland utilities for managing aspects and assisting the mounting process. The code is currently alpha, but works very nicely on my PC.

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