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quicksilver light 1.1.0 (win/linux)


QuickSilver light is an anonymous remailer client

The main QSL window is a message editor. If you're familiar with QS v1, it's like if you took an editor window and made that a program itself.                                                        

Here are some features:                                                                                                

* Supports 2000/XP VISTA/WIN7 
* Makes no registry or start menu entries (including mixmaster) but the user can have an optional desktop shortcut 
* When installed to \Program Files\ it keeps all data in the user's personal appdata directory  
WIN2000/XP = \Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\quicksilver\qsl  
VISTA/WIN7 = \Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\quicksilver\qsl 
* When installed in any other directory it keeps everything in it's home directory 
* Can be run from a USB drive
* Two modes of operation: Whistle-blower mode and Expert mode--whistle-blower is dramatically simplified                                                                                          
* PGP support via GPG
* Clipboard followup/Reply w/PGP decrypt/verify 
* Open-source Eraser.dll used for wiping files. Three wipe algos to choose from   
* Multiple SMTP/HTTP proxies  
* Attachments     
* More flexible definition for SMTP authenticated SMTP hosts. Allows use of more than one account at a given email service   
* Secure mode 
* Send preview  
* Uses allpingers.txt for list of stats sources 
* Mailboxes 
* Remailer Caps dialog for browsing mix remailer capabilities  
* Settable fonts and font colors 
* Searchable HTML help with 2 help systems--1 for Expert mode and 1 for whistle-blower mode. Whistle-blower help is greatly simplified   
* A list of email headers for error checking header names in messages  
* Sending mail directly to first remailer in chain   
* Extension to chain header allowing multiple remailer choices for first or last remailer like:
Chain: *,*,(banana.frell.austria)
QS randomly selects from those given
* Remailers can be barred from random selection, last in chain, and sending direct to remailer  
* Open-source released under GPL licensing 
* Runs well in Linux/Wine  Linux/Wine 

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