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SecureTrayUtil (win)
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SecureTrayUtil is an handy utility that sits in the tasktray, allowing hotkey shredding files, file hashes to be generated, and complementing several OTFE (On-The-Fly Encryption) systems by providing rapid access to their most used day-to-day functions, making them considerably easier to use.

Also incorporates self-destruct facilities for sensitive material, triggerable by hotkey, easily-built serial connector or secure In
ternet connection.

Runs under MS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and has optional shell integration.

# Support for several On-The-Fly Encryption (OTFE) systems:

    * FreeOTFE
    * BestCrypt
    * CrossCrypt
    * E4M
    * PGPDisk
    * ScramDisk
    * TrueCrypt
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